Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Gunny!

I saw Jenda as I was making my daily rounds this morning; it looks like Starbrooks Coffeehouse may be opening a new branch soon! She was working on signs for it while we talked and I had some coffee. Cool!

I worked some around the property; put a new rug in the interior of our grotto and did some more stuff with the security systems. Isobela and I went windows shopping, saw this fantastic humongous pipe organ. It's too big for our house, though; especially since Isobela is talking about rebuilding to make it smaller. I bought something for a friend and Isobela bought some cool new sunglasses.

DJ Isobela was in a DJ competition at Club Oasis on Oasis Island she didn't think she had much of a chance to win, but she wanted to go for the experience. I of course thought she was the best one there, even without seeing any of the others. Hy and The Tracy stopped by to support her too.

DJ Isobela drew a fairly big crowd. The host was Derrick; everyone there was very friendly. I chided her for not putting out a notice to her group about the show, but she was afraid it would be a bust. What a silly girl. When the final votes were counted she had won!

We went right from there to MiaSnow's House Party. The directions were a little confusing, but I found it. What a cool place! She was showing off some of her father's art collection of 60's paintings. We really liked the artwork, I thought that the colors were awesome! Mia and I chatted some more about going sailing when our schedules meshed.

DJ Hailey was playing for us, and did a really good job. I guess it would be fun to play for a private party; she was having a blast with her music selection and it rubbed off on all of us making it an even better time. Her name tag read "Hang the DJ"!

There were so many very interesting people in and out the whole time. Trindolyn was there for a while, but he looked a little gray. Isobela was chatting up all the cool and creative artists in the hopes of recruiting them for a future incarnation of the Solstice Festival. I really had a good time hanging out there.

We had to leave to get ready for Friendly Fire's triumphant return to Nightclub Echo Echo - the Metaverses Premier Rock Club! I think the last show Mack and Case did there was in April. It was good to be back in the rocky aeries; a homecoming; almost as good as it is going back to Fibbers after being away for a while.

Case and Mack sang Happy Birthday to Gunny! It was her 22nd! The also sang It's My Time! and I Love This Song! and all of our favorite hits. There were alot of people there, including alot of new people; I was running throughout most of the show handing out group invites and swag bags and greeting them as well as helping Joce out some. All the while rocking out to the fantastic Friendly Fire!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn featured a new hostess Brittainy (call me Britt)! Britt started out on the right foot and brought milk shakes for us all! She has lots of energy and seemed to mesh well with DJ Joce. DJ Jocelyn always starts on a high note and the place was jumping, but after a long, three-day weekend of rocking Isobela and I needed a little break.

We worked on a new dance for the GlamShack and GOAT called the Nuzzle Dance; we like it, and I hope everyone else will. Then we headed under the seas to Club Neptune at Angel Shark Station to listen to Heath do that thing he does so well with his piano. New Age Jazz piano never sounds better than when it's underwater. They have quite an excellent dance floor there; about on par with Isobela's and mine. We took full advantage of it. Garret was pegging Heath with rubber bands during the show but Heath didn't let that slow him down one bit.

About midway through the show Heath mentioned that he knew everyone in the room, about twenty-five of us. I was even mentioned as a regular. He likened it to sitting down in his living room playing songs for friends. How cool is that? I love this place.


Mack said... can I find this "Heath" and will you take over for me for a week so I can do all the COOL things you do? Plus, I'll need a, you'll need an alt. I'm just thinking outloud :)

Tycho Beresford said...

Apparent you have not been keeping up with your reading assignments.

RL name is Heath Vercher; SL name is Heath Elvehjem. "Heath Vercher Fan Club" is the name of his group.

Passion Dance is my favorite of the tunes on his MySpace page now.

Every Monday @ Nantucket Theatre 7pm SLT

Every Thursday @ Sailor's Cove Theatre 9PM SLT

Every Sunday @ Club Neptune 7PM SLT

Plus various other times, though not quite as much as Frindely Fire places.