Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guitarasms at the New GlamShack

On my daily rounds as I left Gestures by Mack and automatically headed South there seemed to me something wrong. I realized that the skyline had changed. As I kept going I realized what that change was; the old GlamShack was gone! I hovered and said a small farewell to my old friend.

We could see the spotlights from the new Shack lighting up the sky from our front porch as we were getting ready for the show. I had been working for a couple days to get the group notices just right, and after running them by Isobela I sent the first batch out. We popped over the hills to the Shack and started greeting people as they came in early. There was an amazing crowd before we started, a giant dragon even stopped by!

Dragon Nef told us that he has the longest and most talented tongue we've ever seen. Of course the GlamShack crowd immediately started hypothesizing about what a dragon might do to itself with such a tongue, and the financial implications of such an ability. Synapse shared an important safety tip: "Just don't stand under the only THINK pigeons are bad."

Some of the comments that I overheard about the new GlamShack were "This place looks so good", "This place is badass looking!", "You've done a great job", "OMG i LOVE the name of the sim ;)", "Someone has been very busy building", "It looks great!" Plus as Case noted, the GOAT was Isobela's doing.

DJ Isobela had an incredible playlist from the top 100 Rock and Roll songs of all time, as listed by Rolling Stone magazine. The first song ever played in the New GlamShack was by the Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want! Everyone loved the music, I don't think there were any requests for any other songs all night. DJ Isobela had timed her show exquisitely and ended right on the top of the hour as Mack and Case were set to continue the party,

I got the first Poof at the New GlamShack! Call Guinness! Order me a pallet of their finest! I triggered Mack's after mine. DJ Jocelyn was on hand to remind everyone that Friendly Fire will be on the auction block for Bid 4 A Cure; she was there to drop off a new donation syringe.

Mack and Case really sounded good with the new sound system; their songs and strings were crystal clear. They played Pr0nography, which I don't think that I've heard in a while, and of course I LOVE THIS SONG! When the fantabulous DJ Isobela was playing the top 100 Rock songs I kept waiting for I LOVE THIS SONG! to come up; but it didn't! Those silly people at Rolling Stone magazine must be deaf! Stairway to Heaven was the Friday Night Train Wreck. It gave Viola a songasm!

DJ Hy had a special guitar-oriented playlist for the grand opening. What a cool idea! The songs were all fantastic. Megan showed up to host for DJ Hy; she is pretty good at that for someone of such a tender age. She even has her picture up on the wall of the new GlamShack along with all of the other hosts, DJs and Friendly Fire Officers.

Isobela and I stayed for most of the show but then had to leave; we were exhausted. The past couple of weeks getting the new GlamShack and GOAT ready have really taken a toll on us. I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend where we can catch up again.

The new Shack sure is cool, though. DJ Isobela cut it's cord, Mack and Case delivered it and DJ Hy spanked it's bare bottom to get it's lungs going. The place really took a beating, though; when we left things were starting to come loose. The place will likely be nothing but a pile of puckered prims by the morning!

Wishing you always walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
And the love and laughter of those you hold dear.


Kimala said...

Great Job Tycho! The new Glamshack is off to an amazing start. Your play by play of the grand opening captures the essence, too, of what the Glamshack is all about - musicians, and people who have great respect for musicians... and most importantly a whole crazy bunch of SLers who just want to have fun. I am so glad to have enjoyed a slice of cake, avoided the dragon droppings, and hoo'd it up with you all!

Cheers and Congratulations!

Tycho Beresford said...

Thank you Kimala! You're right - it's all about having fun. And the fat-free cake was great, too!