Thursday, June 26, 2008

A very cheeky night at the GlamShack!

Friendly Fire was playing at the Red Rock Amphitheater for Dee's opening show as an officer. I was only able to make the last half of the show, but I did enjoy the fantastic group note she sent early on! I had poofer duty; I'll have to explain about that to Dee for when I'm not around. There was quite a good crowd to enjoy I Love This Song! Mack and Case really know how to wow a crowd.

Blue4U follwed Friendly Fire with Singerman, FrankLee and Freestar following her; it was a whole night of Rock! I wasn't able to stay for much of the other shows, Isobela was helping me work on stuff for Bid 4 A Cure and then I had to get ready for work at the GlamShack.

While I was on my way to the GlamShack I noticed across the inlet on Moxie Island there was a nice little beach area set up for some sunbathers. The odd thing was that all of the people there were wearing ordinary street/club clothes. I'd think that people enjoying the wonderful sunshine would be wearing bathing suits at most. Strange.

DJ Isobela rocked the GlamShack with her usual coquettish charisma. The art from last weekend Summer Solstice Arts and Music Festival was still up outside of the Shack, that may have brought in one or two extra visitors. My friend mikki, hostess in training for the night, led us in a discussion of the differences between Porno Tongue and Church Tongue. Only in the GlamShack! DJ Isobela also played mikki's theme song, Hey mikki, at Alaska's request!

DJ Isobela signaled that the night was taking a new tack when she said "mikki, it's time." mikki brought out a box of chaps and thongs and heavily encouraged everyone to change into them. When Case saw the DJ in them he said "Iso! I am scandalized! Nice job!" Hy and I were of course quick to change, as was mikki. Mack and Case grumbled a little, but eventually changed themselves as well. Hy shared an important chaps-wearing tip: "And don't put them on backwards!"

Elf and his friend showed up and changed, plus many others. DJ Isobela said on the air that "I see ass everywhere!" With all of that ass hanging out of course there were spankings going on, at least until Missy pulled out her cat-o-nine tails! No one wanted to go up against those armed with only a bare hand!

It was another great night at the GlamShack. Isobela and I were finally able to do our new dances there, the chaps came out, and she threatened us with silks the next time! I guess I'd better get my sewing machine out, there's no use trying to fight Mother Nature. Life is good.

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