Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations Dee and Synapse!

Tonight at the Beach Bum was the Royal Coronation of the latest two souls elevated to the exalted status of Friendly Fire Officer, Dee and Synapse! Everything happened in grand style! We have the ritualistic elements down pretty well now, and the rest just comes naturally.

Promise wasn't able to make it, but she promises that she'll be back soon. We all miss her dreadfully. I remember her Coronation like it was yesterday. It was just as awesome, only this time they played I Love This Song!

I have high hopes for my friend Synapse. Not only will he be a welcome relief from all the estrogen swirling about at Friendly Fire Officer shindigs, but perhaps he might also help keep rein-in Ajay!

Often many officers that are not on duty show up at shows, but this time with everyone in uniform it was awesome. Even so, they were almost drowned in the crowd. So many old and new Friends were there. Cheers, Mr. Allen.

Immediately after the show I headed to the Savoy to listen to the fantastic bump and grind Blues of DJ Isobela. The special of the night was Duke Robillard & Ronnie Earl, "Duke meets the Earl." Very nice music.

Poor Kimala broke her hooer. BigD was devastated; we all were very sympathetic. Isobela did her best to fix Kimala's hooer, right there on the dance floor, but to no avail.

Megan was there for most of the night before she had to leave and go get ready for work at the GlamShack. Heronymus was there for most of the night, too. I hadn't seen him in a Coon's age. All in all it was a wonderful day in a wonderful world.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

'pfft, like adding Syn is gonna help control us girls. DREAM ON BABE!! (side note to Tycho-- ya married me, did it help? of course not)
Ajay? You have a comment?

Welcome Dee and Syn!!! Gonna be a gas!

Ajay said...

Iso, I'm worried about Tycho. It seems he's suffering delusions of grandeur or something. Testosterone poisoning, perhaps?

Let's see... we have Case, Tycho, and Syn on the one side; and Mack, you, me, Promise, Rosi, Willa, and Dee on the other. We're more than double their number. I'm supremely unconcerned.

Dee and Syn, welcome! Now I have to do something about that schedule... ickers...