Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Rez Day LexiMae!

On my rounds today I saw Fluffy at Club Casa Blanco, she thanked me for the vote. I told her that we had missed her last night and that Case was the one who drank all the booze in the bar; I had nothing to do with it. For some strange reason she believed me and said that she would have words with him.

DJ Isobela spun her tunes at the GlamShack today. I continued the tradition I started last Friday of making group notices for her with a "This day in History" theme. Last week was Joan of Arc; this week the Normandy invasion. It doesn't seem to be doing much good though; we didn't pull much of a crowd. The GlamShack seems to be a hard spot for DJs, plus Mack and Case were playing at LexiMae's Rez Day party for the first half of the show.

After DJ Isobela finished up her fantabulous sets Friendly Fire took the stage. Case announced that this would be their last show in that particular building because Friday the 13th will be their debut performance at the new GlamShack! They played 23 Skideaux, the train wreck was "I used to love her, but I had to kill her" and of course they sang "I Love This Song!"

A couple of mermaids showed up and rocked with us, including one of the rare blue-haired ones. Blue hair rawks! Dj Hy was running a little late so we were blessed with a few more train wrecks, Stray Cat Strut and a few others, Case's Scottish drinking song, and a reprise of 23 Skideaux - the guitar god's new favorite song! Eventually Hy had to cancel for the week, but he'll be back next week.

Later Isobela and I went to Baiastice & Artransfer Gallery. Comments included "WOW", "very cool", "euu this is like Borg", "I like the embryo fossil in the middle", "this is a great gallery", "wow it's great!" and "I can't figure out what this is, but don't think I'm supposed to!" There was a clothing store adjacent so of course we had to browse there, too.

Later it was back to Animania. Isobela bought another seahorse and I bought a fourth clown fish and a sea gull. On the way hmoe we checked out the new GlamShack. There's still some work to be done, but it's looking good. Then it was a quick pop over the mountain and I was ready to let our new creatures explore their new home.

The clown fish took right to things with his friends and the seahorse seemed a bit unsure at first but eventually settled in. I had a problem with the seagull though; I kinda accidentally released him underwater like I did with the fish and he took real exception to that. He squawked a few times at me and then took off into the wild blue yonder! He even dumped a load on the Tester that feathery rat!

After cleaning off my schooner Isobela and I went over to Starbrook's Coffeehouse on Moxie to play On A Roll. Innis stopped by and chatted for a bit, he and Jenda had found one of the curtains that had blown off of our dance pavilion laying underwater in some corner of Moxie. He told Isobela wqhere it was so she could get it later.

With the luck of the Irish Isobela won the first On A Roll game 3-1 with TWO Yahtzees! I came back strong in the second game and took it 3-1 (with only one yahtzee.) As it was getting late, we decided on a tiebreaker instead of another full game; the first one with a run wins. Full houses were very good to me. Life is good.

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