Friday, June 20, 2008

Preparing the GOAT

I bought a nice set of Italianate Harness plate mail with a Milanese armet. I'm very happy with it, but I'll probably need at least one more fitting to get it set just right. I'm using my Hospitaller's shield with it right now, and that seems to work well, but I do need a lance.

I also need barding for Glam too. The poor guy is a little jealous of me in my armor, and if he's going to be carrying me around he wants some armor of his own. I talked with the people who own the ranch that he came from, and they suggested getting a new horse to carry the armor. I'm sure Glam can handle the weight, though. Other shops offer barding, so I'll have to spend some more time shopping I guess. In the meantime perhaps I could find a Hospitaller blanket for him.

Isobela has been very busy working on the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival slated for 22 Jun 08 at 8am SLT. It will be on Bowie South on the grounds of the GlamShack and GlamNation Open Aire Theatre; likely the first show ever at the GOAT. The musical lineup is

8am - LIVE Jackdog
9am - DJ Isobela
10am - LIVE Digby
11am - DJ Gwen
12pm - LIVE VLB
1pm - DJ Hy
2pm - LIVE Mikelec
3pm - DJ Jocelyn
4pm - LIVE Friendly Fire

The area between the GlamShack and GOAT will be filled with featured art by Adrian, Misprint, Cataplexia, BryneDarkly, Ahkums, Lanlee and Izikael. I've been amazed by Adrian's work before, and am looking forward to what he'll have here, but I'm especially interested in seeing what Missy and Cat come up with. I'm sure the others are no slouches either, else they wouldn't have made it through the vetting process; they will all be grand.

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival is a GlamNation and Capalini Productions presentation. The Tester proudly flies the GlamNation pennant atop her main mast! This is going to be so cool.

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