Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starbrook's Coffeehouse

I received a nice note from my friend Taliesin today. He called and we talked about Isobela. Seems she had been telling tales about be and I needed a chance for a rebuttal.

I was able to get Isobela's bedroom set unpacked, wasn't as heavy as I had feared. I also went shopping with my gift certificate, but couldn't find a thing to spend it on. We discussed it passed it on to a good family friend.

Later I tried my hand at medieval weapons. A friend is a Druid and can't seem to bring herself to use any of the normal hacking/slashing weapons that are so common around these parts. I need something deadly, but ladylike. This ought to be fun!

I arrived at Starbrook's Coffeehouse 10 minutes early for Luigi's show, and Quinton was playing guitar and singing. Apparently Ceedj had played before Quinton, too. When Quinton was done instead of Luigi we listened to Raspbury. I'm not sure what happened to Luigi's show, but Raspbury was very good too. He even had some original songs.

Luigi showed up half-way into Raspbury's show and danced with someone, Maximillion passed by to listen as well. Isoebla stopped by too and we danced. We had a very intriguing conversation where she taught me all about tea leaf buds and how important they are to the quality of a tea. What an amazing, multi-talented girl! Life rocks.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Tea is the drink that launched a nation. 'nuf said!