Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I built a weapons testing area today, safely up at 600 meters, straight above our skybox. The Medieval weapons that I am starting to use are just enough different from those I used in the Korat environs that I will need to acquire a whole new set. Arrows in flight seem to drop alot more now, which makes sense as the gravity around Korat was less, but it sure complicates the targeting problem.

We are still having problems with our seahorses running away, so after corresponding with the shop's customer service representative I brought them in for obedience training. That went very smoothly, so I have high-hopes they will just swim where they are supposed to now. Time will tell.

Later we went window-shopping at Chaospire. We had been looking for Druid clothes for a friend of ours, and they had a nice set there. They also had Joce-style lingerie, Victorian Camibloomers! All sorts of other neat clothes, too; but kinda pricy.

We spent the bulk of the evening at Shangri-La Resort in Mailbu Isles dancing. I had heard about Shangri-La from it's owner at a Friendly Fire gig some time back. I had visited back then briefly, and noted the address, then recently came across the address again. I headed over a few days ago to see how things were and noted the nice, small couples dance area that had been set up. Well it turns out that Isobela had talked with the Shangri-La owner as well, and even briefly visited. She didn't know about he dance floor, though; so that was a nice surprise.

Shangri-La is a really nice place; there is a beach with good surf, high cliffs that you can dive from into a lagoon, scuba opportunities, a decent sized regular dance floor and the special couples one. I brought up the hypothetical question of where would Friendly Fire set up if they were to play there, after discussing it we decided a platform in the lagoon would be the only viable option. We stayed there dancing and chatting all night; as we were leaving a I noticed a faint glow in the East. We are blessed.

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