Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hosting at the Savoy!

I took a long lunch break and went exploring the Acropolis Gardens with Isobela. It's a six-hectare Nature Park with many nooks and crannies, sandy beaches, streams and meadows to wander around in. A very cool place.

Later I was almost late getting to the Savoy for DJ Isobela's show. Jenda had taken over as hostess for Kimala, who couldn't make it this week. Jenda had some business of her own that needed attending to, so as soon as I got there she asked me to take over.

There was a little confusion on the turnover, she gave me a name tag that said "Hostess" and had a sorry story about how they were out of ones that said "Host". Eventually she found one for me, and the evening was quite a blast.

Things really picked up in the second half of the show. Hy danced with just about every girl there! Well OK, two. But it would have been three if Megan hadn't chastely been waiting in her white gown for Peenut! The Tracy eventually showed up and drug Hy off, but not before he got enough ideas for his Thursday night show.

Megan and Peenut danced for a bit after he showed up, but then had to leave for Megan to Hostess for DJ Daddie at the GlamShack. It's pretty cool that you can see the GlamShack all lit up from the dock, as it is, of the Savoy!

Kimala will be back to hostess next week, and hopefully they will have the names tags sorted out by then. It was fun to be able to support the DJ as I could, she had an excellent set lined up and went almost an hour overtime. Another wonderful day.

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