Friday, June 13, 2008

Ground Hogs and Woodchucks

I went to check on the new GlamShack today, DJ Isobela is opening there on Friday. Mack was scurrying about putting on final touches and fretting about everything; Hy was there too but he was napping.

I caught up with Isobela at the At Last club high above Newfangled. We had a good time listening to DJ Crighton and dancing. DJ Isobela will be starting a blues show there this Monday from 2-4; not quite a prime-time spot but new DJs have to start somewhere.

Later we went on The Great Marine Adventure & Treasure Hunt that Isobela had found. It was quite awesome. At the start they had free diving gear that you could use but we both opted to use our own. We went down the tunnel and underwater and swan around all these narrow canyons, dodging Great White sharks and a killer octopi. We finally found the treasure near the old shipwreck. They had everything glued down, though; no free samples.

We had to hurry and change out of our wet stuff to make it to The Chuckling Priestman Comedy Club in time to see Innis' show. We found some front-row seats in the balcony just as the announcer was starting off. He had a couple of cute observations about differences between the old country and the metaverse and then Innis was u

He was hilarious. He made many observations about life in the metaverse, and had brought along a large picture viewer to help illustrate things as he went along. There were many penile jokes; I laughed my ass off. The spotlights were very distracting, though, and I bet they were very hot on him. We stayed for part of the next guy's show, but his act still needs some polishing.

We finished up at the Savoy listening to the jazz and blues of DJ Hy. We made it there just in time to hear his ground hog and woodchuck set! It was spectacular! I hope he makes it a regular part of his show like I Love This Song is for Mack and Case. A fine ending to another wonderful day in our amazing world.

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