Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aeryn: Heya Savoy Peeps!

I chatted with my friend Rexona about doing some programming work for her jewelry shop. It's a nice challenge, stuff that I haven't worked with before. If I can get it working well I might even get paid for it! Woot!

DJ Isobela played some smoking blues at the Savoy. Featured music was by Dave Specter and the Blue Birds. It kinda straddled the line between blues and jazz, simultaneously sophisticated and raunchy, just like a certain DJ. Her giggly hostess was Mikki, dressed to the nines wearing a fantastic top!

Borealis stopped by, Jud and Elisabeth too. We chatted a bit about her Cup of Goodness Coffee shop. Squiffy showed up and got on guitar, with Hy on bass and Mort on the piano. Louis Armstrong finished us all off. What a wonderful world.

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