Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Dat?

Today I worked on our security system some more. It requires constant tweaking since Isobela knows everyone in the Metaverse; I am always adding new people to the allowed list. When that was done we enjoyed the Saints whupping the living tar out of the Bucs, 24-20. I wonder what I should have wagered with Ajay? I wonder if I can talk her in to a retroactive bet? In any case, I had set up a big screen on the dock and we watched the game from there.

Just before 1 we went to the Mango Bay Wet Bar and Dance Floor. Billed as the metaverse's newest water sports resort, they had a day of live entertainment with premier Rock & Blues DJ Isobela, the Papp Daddy Dancers with Papp Daddy himself as DJ, and then Top Blues Rocker Noma.

Isobela's cousin Contamina was there, and mikki showed up too. Contamina was one of the Papp Daddy Dancers, they were OK but seemed to be missing some people. Noma was completely awesome! She's another one we gotta get to the GOAT.

Friendly Fire had a surprise show at Rocky Waters. Case tried to send some notices, and Isobela and I were thinking about going to help out out but then it looked like Rosi and Dee took over the show so we stayed put. With the way traffic was there was a good chance that we couldn't have gotten there anyway. Friendly Fire officers are the greatest in the entire Metaverse!

Later on we went to the GlamShack to play On A Roll. I had moved the game table over to Tun Tavern (Forward) to make space for the Open Mic; thankfully someone else had moved it back. That thing is Heavy! I beat Isobela, then Tracy and Hy were sailing by so we invited them to play, but only after Tracy changed the game out of that evil Classic Mode. Hy and Tracy cheated and won a game, and by then it had gotten very late and we couldn't give them the drumming they deserved. But we will, soon.

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