Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schoolgirls and their poor Teachers

It was Schoolgirls and Teachers theme night at the GlamShack with DJ Isobela. Oddly enough, no one was checking IDs; pretty slip-shod management if you ask me. Some of those girls seemed very young and they were running amok! Kissing all the posters on the walls, grinding against them, and all sorts of things. DJ King, who played before Isobela, didn't have a theme; and neither did DJ Donagh who played after. Wise men.

My friend Fetzer, whom I met through Case, was there and rocking out. Word is that he will be DJing at the GlamShack sometime soon. That would be pretty cool; we're always looking for bright new talent. That's why we have the GOAT Goddesses running Open Mic Night on Saturdays.

I heard some people complaining the other day, I'm not sure if they were serious or not, about the number of group notices that go out to the GlamShack group. I got to thinking about it and decided that the reason there is so many notices is that we do so many shows. Three back-to-back on Wednesday and again on Friday. Oh yeah, I like Fridays. It's Friday Eve today. Life is good.

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