Monday, September 1, 2008


Cat, Mack, Miyam, Hy and Isobela all called me to say they were hoping the best for me. Thank ya'll very much. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people in the Metaverse.

We received news about the DJ contest that Dj Isobela was in; although she beat out 30 others she was not the grand-prize winner. My tarn and I will likely be having a little chat with the judges. Next year she's will be a shoe-in.

Later on I played On A Roll with all of the GlamShack owners at Starbrook's Coffee. Tracy was wearing a Halloween costume that she had found in a treasure hunt. It was such a blast to play such a fun game with such good friends. Isobela, Mack and I won three to one. It was the ultimate in de-stressing. Well, OK; second-best.

((Made it to Memphis

After driving 5 hours from home I was 34 miles away. Yep, less that 7 miles per hour for 5 hours. Both of my legs were cramping up from riding the brakes. Eventually it cleared up and we made decent time; a normally 5 hour trip took just 12.

We stopped for gas and people from the First United Pentacostal Church in Grenada were handing out snacks bags to all of the evacuees. Cookies, crackers, Skittles and a small bottle of water; the daughter got Fresca though! Further on there was a hand-painted sign along the Highway saying that all the Gustav Evacs were being prayed for. Central Mississippi people live their faith.

The storm looks like it is heading in a way that would be better for us; pushing west and slowing wind speed and gaining momentum. I live north of New Orleans; we have no direct threat of storm surge, but gotta worry about wind and rain. I'm in touch with a couple of neighbors who stayed to see how things are going on our street. If we have power we'll be heading back Wednesday morning most likely. But who knows; just gotta wait and see. In the meantime I have my computer set up and we have a pool and cable and a beer store a half-block away and all my wonderful friends. Life is good.))

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