Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooke and Congrats Brooke and Clovis, and Happy Rez-Day Ginger!

Mack had asked me to work on a script for her; I think she is more dangerous that Isobela with a script editor. I was able to do that, but the scripting job I was going to do for that jewelry shop fell through; the person who wanted a script made got it from a friend. It was fun researching for the script and creating the test piece of jewelry that I used, so it was fun.

Isobela and I visited that Lost Island that I had found; it was very cool. It had the best volcano I've ever seen , well besides Isobela's of course. We must have spent half an hour just looking at it. Later we went out to dinner at the Lost Ballroom. We had a hard time getting there, but it was worth the trouble.

After dinner we chatted over champagne for a bit and then went dancing. We even learned a new dance, SlowDance V8!

From there we went to John's beach housefor Brooke's birthday party. Brooke has always been good at helping us celebrate everyone else's special days, it was good to celebrate with her! DJ John played for a while, and Mack and Case were going to play, but I had to leave the party early; I had to get up for work in just a few hours. I'm sure they were great, and Brooke's bottom received it's just desserts!

The Friday Slide into the Weekend party started as usual with DJ Isobela rocking the GlamShack! She played a mixture of Classic Rock and Fantabulous Rock, my favorite! Friendly Fire played to a very large crowd, including Woke up in a thong! That is getting to be a Friday regular, plus they played I Love This Song! I had double poofer duty, but on fun and frolic Friday that really isn't a chore.

DJ Hy followed Mack and Case, his show was to be a Happy Rez-Day party for Ginger in addition to being Nakie Friday. Miki had made a delicious cake and decorated the Shack for her, but she had to work late. She eventually showed up and partied with us; it seemed to be a good de-stressing for her.

A usual on Nakie Fridays things started kinda slow; about six of us stripped down right off but many others needed a little time to get comfortable with it. There were others that showed up a little late and were throwing off pieces of clothes as they walked in! Towards the end there were many more naked people than not at the show.

There was lots of chat about Mikki and loVolt, Dee and Cay's recent partnerings, and how Isobela and I had just celebrated our one-year anniversary of meeting. There were lots of requests for lovey-dovey type songs, and all that romantical stuff must have gotten to Brooke and Clovis because they went and partnered right there at the Shack! Woot!

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