Sunday, September 7, 2008

Open Mic!

I made it to the first Open Mic at the GOAT! mikki and Dee and Isobela are the three Goddesses of the GOAT who put everything together; it looks like it will be a weekly event. Britt warmed it up with some amazing singing. Mica was due up next, but there were horrid traffic problems so Kingofbeers stepped up and played early for us. He DJed a different style of music than he usually plays at the GlamShack on Wednesday nights, quite awesome.

Next up was JaNa who played a very good electronica ambient rhythmic reflective music. It had been a while since I had heard music like that, and I really enjoyed it. Nick99 played acoustic Classic rock tunes of the 60's, 70's and more modern Rock. He plays often at NP so I was familiar with his music. Mica was finally able to get in, he is a good 'ol country boy; singer, songwriter, karaoke DJ and regular DJ extraordinaire! He played guitar and sang for us; he has quite an amazing range of songs he can play!

When the Open Mic was over we went to check on progress at the new NP. They have some small helicopter-type things you can use to get around, so we did our tour in one of them. The market spaces are filling up, rental houses are up and a couple are ready for occupancy, and the stage/theater is looking good. It is very multi-functional; it could accommodate Heath or FF or almost anyone! They put a nice town-square type area in the middle of the shops, it's really looking good. And of course they have a nice beach.

Urban Shopper was having a Re-Grand Opening Event. It had undergone some heavy construction and is now by the Sea! They had associate stores in the area too with sale items and gifts from many different designers.

Topaz Square was having a “Summer End Sidewalk Party/Event” to celebrate its 1st anniversary. There was a L$50-sale with stuff from many designers in the store as well as the booths outside. They also had some games, free food and a funny-picture-taking place set up!

From there we went tattoo shopping, a whirlwind tour of the metaverse's best ink spots. After Isobela had exhausted me with her shopping prowess we headed back home for our normal night-time activities.

No, not really :)

About the Open Mic night, mikki says: Are you an established singer or a budding basement performer looking to crash the sim, or do you know of anyone that would like to participate in an open mic event! There are 4 thirty minute slots beginning at 3pm slt and going to 5 pm slt. You need to contact mikki Freschi to reserve your spot for September 13th!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Your for got to mention that was your 3rd beer and my 5th......AS always love ya babe!

Tycho Beresford said...

My 3rd and your 5th yes, but I was drinking kegs and you were drinking ponies!