Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Isobela!

Monday night was a GlamShack night. We listened to the DJ Ando and AuroraDawn show, the DJ Case and Ajay show, and then the DJ Zak and Promise show. Extraordinary show people all. While there we sat an chatted in our chairs for a long time, then went and played On A Roll where I barely beat Isobela by the skin of my teeth 3-0.

Later we went on another building spree. I took out the Romanesque bath and built up the ground to form a small earthen amphitheater to compliment Isobela's larger rock one. She put a nice waterfall at one end of it that makes a nice pool in the middle. We may be able to fit her mermaid statue in there as well.

Tuesday was Isobela's Birthday. She had said she didn't want a party, so as much as she deserved one we had a mostly quiet evening. I had bought a nice pair of boots for her, one of the fancy kind with alligator skin that can change color on command. Of course, being Isobela, she immediately made them black.

After putting on the boots and admiring them at length we went cruising the metaverse. We ended up in a place called Therapy. It wasn't the Club Therapy that we used to enjoy so much but rather a cool, lightly wooded island. There were meandering paths through the trees, a walkway along cliffs that overlooking the sea and a neat cave with a dining room table in it. I went up a mountain that I saw a flag on top of; the island was claimed for Britain, and when I came back down Isobela had found this cool tree house with a balcony overlooking the sea. We watched the sunset then went in to the dance floor and danced and chatted for hours.

Eventually the siren's call of On A Roll got to us both so we headed back to the GlamShack. DJ Cat was playing but we were moistly concentrating on the game. Cat had set up a couple of skydiving platforms for people to use and they seemed to be having fun with it.

We caught some snippets of conversation over the music and they seemed to be saying that there was some naked skydiving going on! Isobela immediately started moving the game table closer to them so she could watch; it was very hard to put down a chip when the table kept jerking over 3 feet at a time. When we got around front of the GlamShack they were still talking nakey but I didn't see any flapping body parts. False alarm.

It had gotten very late so we agreed to a quick game of On A Roll; the first person to score would win. Isobela's all defense all the time strategy paid off for her this time; in blocking a possible run of mine she happened to get 5 in a row and win the game. All in all a wonderful day. Many more, babe.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Those are the most "Bomb Ass" boots!! I had the best day! As always you are awesome! Thanks Babe!