Friday, October 24, 2008

ROCKTOBERFEST - Sunday, October 26th!

ROCKTOBERFEST this year is at the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre! The GOAT is a wonderful open venue to start any rock and roll tour! This year we are blessed with 2 DJs and 6 live acts each with a one-hour show. The first show starts at 10am and the last at 5pm SLT.

Zaphod Theas delivers a high-energy electric-guitar based rock show! He plays mostly original material, ranging from soulful to heavy, with roots in blues, folk, punk, indie & classic rock.

DJ Borday's sultry voice has been warming the airwaves in the Metaverse and Old Country and spins the best in classic and modern rock and blues.

Anek Fuks has been playing his electric guitar on the California beach and mainland curcuit for some 30 years now.

DJ CharlieB Hastings spins slick Rock antipodean-style!

Nanorock Tuqiri is a latin guitarist who plays Rock instrumental, Blues, Funk, Rock, Metal, etc.,playing some awsome covers using his own style, as well as their famous improvisations!

Mason Thorne plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well.

Johnny99 Gumshoe jamz live electric blues and screaming rock guitar over bass and drum tracks making for an incredible live show with great sound!

Skylord Carnell plays Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, POP, R&B, classical, novelty songs, it's all in there! even songs arranged just for the Metaverse!

The GOAT will definately be the place to be this Sunday! Woot! Special thanks to mikki and Isobela and all of the GOAT Goddesses for making this happen!

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mikki said...

we think you rock too! Smoooooooooooooooches