Sunday, October 5, 2008

Longest Roll

Saturday morning we went and saw Hy's new house, or at least a full-scale model of it. I like it alot, but he said it was done in 'early mausoleum' style. I can kinda see that, but there is alot of work left to be done on it. There's lots of water, Isobela had been helping him fill all of the pools.

Later that day I went to the Boobie Ball in Winterfell at the Taure En Lor Ballroom. It is a fund raiser for breast cancer; their tag line said "Wear pink if you like, and you may dance topless if you dare, in honor of the breasts and lives we are working to save." Most of the ladies were in pink formal wear, there was a DJ present and it was a very nice party.

The afternoon heralded the Open Mic show at the GOAT. mikki, Dee and Isobela did their usual outstanding job of lining up talent and otherwise organizing the event. We heard AJ, Artel, Skylord, Mica and REALLY. While we were there a situation came up and Isobela took up the ob as hostess for DJ Arcadian, who played in the GlamShack immediately after Open Mic. Since she was working we didn't drag the On A Roll table into the shack and play while he was DJing, but we had an incredibly fun time nonetheless.

DJ Jocelyn and hostess Meggie followed Arc. Jocelyn got slimed by one of the ghosts inhabiting the shack this month, but she had done up an excellent playlist nonetheless. After so many hours at the GOAT and with Arc we were kinda burnt out from clubbing, so we slipped outside to the game table.

It turned out to be the longest 2-person game ever. Isobela kept distracted me with all sorts of talk about robots and such. We ended up closing down the GlamShack, and still kept playing. In the end she won 3-2, but the game could have been won by either of us for hours ahead of that. Another wonderful day.

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