Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunday was Rocking Rocktoberfest at the GOAT! I got there early to help set up; took down the slide and set out a "To The GOAT" sign right next to the front of the GlamShack. We all rocked out to Zaphod, DJ Borday, Anek, DJ CharlieB, Nanorock, Mason, Johnny99 and Skylord! It was quite an amazing day. Isobela and mikki and Promise and Dee and Rosi and Abbey and Meggie and even Portcia all did quite a fantastic job, along with everyone else I've forgotten.

Later we went to the Savoy Halloween Party, the Jazziest Halloween party in the metaverse! DJ Cat was doing an awesome job of mixing favorites of the season with amazing Jazz and rocking Blues. The place was decorated just great, very very spooky. They had even ripped up the dance floor so were were dancing on bare earth, on top of who knows whose bones!

After DJ Cat we went to play On A Roll at Hy's place; he and Mack cheat even worse than Isobela! We beat them anyway; 3-2 in the first game and 3-1 in the second. Mack said that she wanted Isobela to give her some On A Roll lessons the next day. Isobela is such a giver. Life is good.

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