Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Super Slide!

Wednesday night DJ Isobela was spinning Classic Rock at the GlamShack, sandwiched between Dj King and mikki with a Cops and Robbers theme and DJ Don and merry with a Southern Rock beat. Squiffy was there trying out for the lead guitarist position in Friendly Fire, but then Mack changed her mind and decided that the position wasn't open after all.

Isobela worked on our new open-air grotto the next day while I messed around with a skeet shooting game that I had bought. I began practicing with it, and am starting to learn it's tricks. Isobela is very good at shotting stuff up so I'm a little concerned about playing it with her; she'll likely kick my butt and then tease me mercilessly about it.

Later we decided to go play On A Roll. I had been dominating the game throughout and was up by 2-0 when she gets 2 runs in a row, then a third a few play later to win! What luck! We played a second game so that I could try to regain a shred of my dignity; I was able to win that one 3-1. Of course this led to a tie-breaker in which I was able to squeak by 3-2 to win the tournament.

After that we went to Kaiya Islands for some exploring of their new areas, including their zoo. We found a good spot for dancing near the pool and danced and chatted through many songs. We relaxed in a hammock swing for a short bit, just to try it out, then called it a night.

Shocking swimwear and ravenous Rock was the order of the day on Friday as DJ Isobela took the GlamShack's Bowie Beach by storm! She's an excellent way to start the Friday Slide into the Weekend party. I had put a few of my flying double-dance pads out, people seemed to either love them or hate them, and the latter were a minority thank goodness. I'm still working on plans to sell them.

Friendly Fire continued the Bash on Bowie Beach when DJ Isobela was done. They had just gotten back from a standing-room only show at the Bushy Beard and were ready to Rock. The Friday Night Train Wreck was brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts as usual (they have their Halloween stock out now) and by Gestures By Mack; it was a stirring rendition of Crimson and Clover sung by Mack. Mack and Case also sang Pr0nography, which I hadn't heard in a while, but not I Love This Song.

mikki had started way early for Naked/Nekkid/Nakie/Nakey Friday, during DJ Isobela's show as a matter of fact. LexiMae didn't realize Friendly Fire played for nakey nights, but she joined right in! Jud stopped by and greeted us all with "Hello silly people." At 20:30 there were 20 people on the beach, none of them wearing anything but a smile! Life is good.

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