Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrific Tempura

I was helping Isobela work on the GOAT some this afternoon. Well, OK it was more like heckling, but anyway we were both there when the ground started shaking and trembling like an earthquake! After that plateau rising in North Bowie the day before we didn't know what was happening so we got out of there fast.

The seismic disturbances disrupted the DJ Ando and Aurora dawn show too; they weren't able to start until halfway through their scheduled show. In the meantime Isobela and I went to the 'store' to play On A Roll. The poor dear was having a bad night; I beat her 3-0. I won at the GreedyGreeedy tournament too; I won't say the score but we played the best 3 out of 5 without a need for the last game

From there we did a little exploring, heading first to nishi Beach. Isobela described the place as an "Acid trip nightmare!" I would tend to agree; it is a pretty neat place. I really liked the psychedelic dragon hovering offshore. They have a store in a skybox, but there was nothing that would really go with our home.

Tempura Island is a simply amazing place. It is billed as an area with all sorts of romantical stuff. There is a magnificent ballroom; trees and waterfalls and all sorts of neat nature stuff; bridges big and small and ponds and even dedicated tai-chi exercise area. Way cool.

Back home we worked on the house some more, hanging some more pictures ("Your other left!"), making plans for the courtyard and Isobela started working on a new fireplace for the back patio while I worked on my grill. It is a really awesome home. We are so blessed.

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