Monday, October 6, 2008

mikki: Barefoot and poledancing, now that's a wedding!

I had a chance to work on a new project today, a sort of circular couch thing that goes in the water. It's kinda hard to explain, I'll post a pic if I ever come close to finishing it. We had seen something similar near the Kaiya Islands beach, but I am making numerous improvements to it. As usual getting the finished surfaces looking good will be the hardest part.

Before too long I had to get cleaned up for mikki and loVolt's wedding. They had a wonderful ceremony in a poppy field high in the sky. They recited their own vows to each other, and to us. I was very impressed with both of them; Isobela was too.

mikki had a permasmile, and it wasn't just from all of the pictures we took. DJ Cat played the reception, which oddly enough was clothed. We all had a great time; there were great songs, great dancing and great friends. Well, after Cay had to leave Dee and Meggie had a little disagreement over who was going to lead, but I think that was more for fun than anything else.

As the reception was winding down Hy and Tracy challenged us to a game of On A Roll. Of course we took them up on the offer, and of course they cheated. Tracy hit the "Owner mode" button so we couldn't get a decent roll to save our souls, but were able to score two runs to finish at 3-2 nonetheless.

After dinner we worked on building some more, me on my sea couch and Isobela on a couple of different projects. I was able to pretty much finish the sea couch, it turned out pretty good. The cushions could use a bit more work, but I don't think the results would justify the cost.

After getting cleaned up yet again (Wow! Twice in one day!) we headed over to Club Neptune in Angel Shark Shallows to hear Heath play. He was as peaceful, calming, therapeutic and rejuvenating as always. Life is good.

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