Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Season has Officially Arrived!

Cheyenne had blogged about a Mah Jong table you can pick up for free, so I did! Isobela and I played a few games, it is single-player only but you can have a friend help you out. We each kept reaching for the same pieces and getting in each other's way and snapping at each other and having a blast.

Tuesday night at the Savoy was a blast as usual; it is my second-favorite night in the Metaverse! The DJ favored me with a dance or two. Joe and Port on Drums and Bass for a bit, then they went to dance and snog in the crowd. DJ Tight was there; Isobela described him as one of the best Blue's DJs in the Metaverse, right after DJ Isobela, DJ Cat and DJ Hy.

On Wednesday my friend Koko was on Tun Tavern (Forward) with Isobela. Jia stopped by to say hi; she and Koko seemed to get along really well. They were planning on coming to the GlamShack on Friday for our Boxers on Bowie Beach with DJ Isobela. Knowing Jia she'll probably hang around for Friendly Fire and TGINF as well.

Isobela and I played On A Roll during King's show at the GlamShack; Iso brought in a ringer to play for her and they together beat me 3-2! Right after that was the DJ Isobela Rocks your Hump-Day show. It was quite a fine performance, though we missed Friendly Fire at Haute Couture doing a Breast Cancer charity fundraiser. DJ Donnagh and merry followed with Don playing awesome music, stuff I hadn't heard before but liked.

You know that Halloween season has officially arrived when Mack and Case sing Monster Mash! Friendly Fire had their usual Thursday-night show at Club Casa Blanco and the joint was jumping. There were many new faces there, which is cool.

From there we went to the GlamShack to play On A Roll and enjoy DJ Crighton and Kimala's excellent show. Unfortunately Isobela broke the On A Roll table, but the show more than made up for it. Somehow a giant male member appeared in the Shack, it had to be 20 feet long! The girls were all up dancing on it and commenting on it and we were all laughing ourselves silly.

Friday saw us at Parker's Pub where Isobela was DJing. It was a very nice bluesy/light rock mix that she does so well, plus a few Celtic songs that encouraged everyone to get up and dance a jig!

We had a Boxers on Bowie Beach theme with DJ Isobela. It was boxer shorts, not prizefighters; I guess I'll have to be more specific in my notices in the future. Isobela and I wore matching boxers and Case was very jealous, he mentioned them a few times during the evening.

Friendly Fire followed on Bowie Beach with the dynamic duo still tearing up the Metaverse with their enthusiasm and talent. We heard the Monster Mash again and Jud stopped by and called us all "SILLY PEOPLE!!". There was a huge crowd that I was busy greeting, tagging and bagging while on double poofer duty. The Train Wreck was "Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll", brought to us as always by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures by Mack.

The DJ Hy and mikki show followed with Nakey Friday. As usual mikki jumped he gun a little, but absolutely no one was complaining! After the show had gotten started and people were partaking Sedona mentioned that her perv cam is requiring liquid cooling!

On Saturday morning Miyam invited me to come see the marketplace she was building with Adrian, Joce and a few other people, called the "Fjordsguilden Market". It specializes in medieval stuff and already has a few vendors set up and selling. They are doing a real good job with it, and will likely have a show with a DJ or two for their grand opening.

I worked more on my Flying Double Dance Disc. I had previously been calling it a dance pad, but mikki explained to me the errors of my ways; at least as far as disc vs. pad is concerned. I'm pretty much done with it; the Disc is done, the Vendor is ready and tested, I just need to polish the instruction sheet and find some places to put it out for sale.

Isobela and I went to the On A Roll store to play; the game at the Shack is just so slow and buggy. When we got there the On A Roll table was broken so we played a few rounds of GreedyGreedy which I won 3-2. A lady came by and fixed the On A Roll table while we were playing GreedyGreedy so we played that next. Isobela won the first two games, but I couldn't come back and win 3 out of 5 because another couple was waiting for the table so we let them play. And I am still a cheating rat's ass.

Saturday night was the DJ Jocelyn and Britt show at the GlamShack. The gigantic penis was gone; I guess no one had wanted to offend Joce's sensibilities. That was a shame because Isobela had gotten used to taking naps on it in the afternoon. Jocelyn had a pressing engagement right after the scheduled end of the show and she had to leave even though there were still plenty of people in the Shack. Britt stayed with us a while and we danced to the radio.

Before too long the siren's call of On A Roll got to us again so we headed back to the store to play. I was ble to win 2-0, to bring our daily total up to 2-2, but that second game was very close. We'll have to have a tiebreaker on Sunday. Hopefully I can get serenaded again by Isobela with "Ya Cheatin Rat Bastard!" sung to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb"! Life is Good!

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