Monday, October 20, 2008

The Black Horse

We played On A Roll at the GlamShack while watching Saints (3-4) lose to Carolina. At least the game table was playing well, much better than usual but still nowhere near as well as it plays at the store. Isobela had a wardrobe malfunction in a major way while we were there, good thing we were at the GlamShack instead of the store!

I was upgraded to a "sexy bomb ass cheater". The dice hated both of us today, but her a little less. Later we did go to the store to play some GreedyGreedy and she beat me 3-0. By then we were a little tired of playing games so we decided to go demolish our house.

We re-did the landscaping and Isobela built a cool adobe hacienda on a plateau that had emerged from the water int he northeast corner of our lot. I built yet another pier for the Tester and then helped her arrange and re-arrange furniture. One gigantic concrete planter that held a full grown tree had to be moved at least a few dozen times.

After cleaning up we went country line-dancing at a place called the 'Black Horse' Saloon (no apparent relationship to the Armored Cavalry Regiment of the same name). We got all dressed up in our cowboy costumes and it turns out they were having a cheerleaders and football players theme night. I have a couple of nice cheerleader outfits but Isobela convinced me that it would be best to show that side of myself as it was our first time there.

Later it was back to the K.R. Engineering store for another game of On A Roll, and then another won; I was able to win both of these. To top off the night we went back home for a little more touch-up on the house; thankfully the concrete planter stayed where it was. It doesn't get any better than this.

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