Monday, October 13, 2008

Glam me a Shack! No, Really!

Friendly Fire played their usual Thursday night gig at Club Casa Blanco. It was the start of an incredibly busy weekend for me, what with the church and school fair I didn't arrive until about halfway through. Isobela was there dancing with Jazno, who was dancing like girl. He really needs to spring for some lessons.

Afterwards we started a game of On A Roll, but then quit so we could play against Mack and Promise. We kicked their butts 3-0, though Isobela carried most of our load. We played another game with just the two of us that I won 3-1, and then danced a bit to close down the GlamShack.

Though it was late we still had a bit of life left in us so we headed over to Mambo Extreme. They don't have as much shopping there as I remember, but have a great dance floor along the beach. We danced the night away, or at least what was left of it

Friday was the day the GlamShack was reduced to rubble by the giant space ants. It was very scary, almost everything was just gone. Isobela and Mack started a crash program to set it back up for the shows that evening and were able to get the bare bones set up for a beach show. All in all they did a very good job with the time that they had.

After working I was able to make the last little bit of Friendly Fire and was there for DJ Hy's show. My friend Cay was there with his pregnant wife. She's gotten a little self-conscious since she's been with baby, and he's been supporting her. Hopefully after the baby things will get back to normal. Isobela and I closed the place down, and amazingly didn't play OAR even once!

On Saturday morning before work I helped Isobela putting the GOAT back together. I had a little oopsie; I kinda accidentally nudged the GOAT stage and knocked it a few meter off kilter. Isobela was able to get it back without too much trouble, though. She just added the debt to the already long list that I owe her.

Sunday morning saw me at the Blarney Stone. As usual there was good conversation and good people. Tarogue was there, he had one of Ajay's "Cthulhu in '08" thingamabobs on. After while the crowd wandered over to the new Fibber's to listen to the "Professor"a decent singer/guitarist. I bopped along too and jammed out with them. Ginger was there hosting; hadn't seen her in quite a while.

The Saints (3-3) won 34-3 over the Raiders. It was a quite satisfactory whooping after last week's loss and yesterday's shellacking of the Tigers. We won't say who's home town the Raiders play for so as not to make Isobela feel bad. I had to work through the game, and missed watching it with her. When I got off of work we and played On A Roll,which is almost as good. She won 2 out of 3; 1-3, 3-2 and 1-3. Life is good.

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