Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Woot! Wings!

With the holiday on Monday I was able to listen to DJ Isobela at the Wanderlust World Music Club on Electrum. We were dancing all sorts of dances instead of our usual one or two. I was in the running for the contest they had there, and had a 50/50 shot at winning, but the board malfunctioned right at the end. Oh well.

From there we went to Jacaranda where there had a DJ and a Best in Wings contest going on. It was pretty cool with everyone wearing wings and nothing else. There was another contest board malfunction, though this time I really didn't have too much of a chance of winning. They were talking about another event next Monday; unfortunately I'll probably be at work.

Later we went home and worked on jewelry-making projects that we both had been thinking of. They are turning out really well; we're talking about seeing if we can sell some of them. I'd also started looking into the mechanics of what I'll need to sell my Flying Double Dance Pads.

After dinner we went and played Greedy Greedy at store where they are sold. Isobela beat me three games to one! Next we played On A Roll there. The game played really fast in the store, you only had to click on Pass twice to pass instead of fifty times. This meant that Isobela could cheat at 10x speed!

I scored 3 Yahtzees in the second game, two of them in a row! Apparently this means that I am a cheating rat's ass. Even so, she still won that game, and won the series two games to one. We played one more game of Greedy Greedy which I won, so I was able to go away with a little bit of my pride intact. What a wonderful day.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

You are a cheating Rats Ass.... But I still think you're "Sexy Smexy"!
Woot Woot...