Sunday, October 26, 2008

LaReve - WOW!

On Thursday we went to FallenAngel Creations and rode their Roller Coaster. It was much faster than other roller coasters that I have been on, especially right out of the gate. They also have a cool maze up in a skybox there.

From there we played On A Roll and Isobela informed me that there was a Cheating Rat in my mirror. I won that game, and a game of GreedyGreedy. Rather than giving her a chance to get even I talked her into visiting the E8 Polytope model. They have all sorts of totally awesome geometric shapes and colors and such.

From the Polytope we were able to catch the last half of Mack and Case's show at Club Casa Blanco. Joce and Missy were there, I hadn't seen them at a Friendly Fire show in a while. Curm was there as well and curm was curm.

Kimala hosted the first annual "T & A Nite... Why skirt the issue?" show with DJ Crighton at the GlamShack later. Their Thursday night shows are getting quite a reputation. And a good one at that!

The Friday Slide into the Weekend party started with DJ Isobela the GlamShack, out on Bowie Beach actually. There was a very light turnout at first, but then Rosi showed up and started offering skedaddling lessons. That brought in a good crowd so that we were all ready for Friendly Fire at 6.

Mack and Case and their dedicated drummer continued along the slippery slope of the Slide in to the Weekend. The Friday Night Train Wreck was brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts and by Gestures By Mack; it was a stirring rendition of Beast of Burden. I had double poofer duty one again, and Mack kept jumping around on stage making it as hard as possible for me to poof her. She may have been jumping like that because a panda bear was trying to muscle-in on their gig!

DJ Hy's Naked/Nakey/Nakie/Nekkid Friday was missing it's longtime, charismatic hostess mikki. Meggie filled in for her as hostess, even though Hy insisted on calling her his host all night long. That boy needs new glasses. Brunette Brooke was there along with lots of newcomers, not many partook but we're working on them.

As usual things were best during the latter part of the show. Aeryn showed up to keep things light, and Meggie did a most excellent job filling in for mikki. That Meggie sure knows how to talk people out of their clothes!

Saturday morning confirmed my status as a cheating rat. We played guess what and I came back from being down 2 runs down. That evening we made it to AC and Emedea's Halloween party dressing fairly gothic. DJ Tali was spinning some awesome tunes and everyone had a great time. There was even a three-way tie for best costume!

When the party was over we went exploring at LaReve. I totally awesome place. Isobela's comments included "It's cool!" "This is so cool!" "Wow, this is cool!" "This is just very cool!" "This is amazing!". After seeing all they had to offer there we e called it an early night to get ready for the big day tomorrow.

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