Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Heath!

The Saints (2-3) were on Monday Night Football so guess what the On A Roll addict and I did while we watched the game. She was up 2-1 at one point, but I came back for the win. Unfortunately the Saints weren't able to do the same.

Tuesday night was Borealis' first time hosting for DJ Isobela at the Savoy. She played some really good music featuring The Nimmo Bros Live at Glasgow, Scotland; the overall theme of the show was UK Blues. mikki was there helping to train Borealis but the Savoy is a difficult place to learn to host; most people just want to slow dance and listen to music. Elisabeth had stopped by; Squiffy and Hy were on guitar and bass and Raven joined them on piano later.

I was able to catch the last half of the Friendly Fire show at Demonic on Wednesday. It was superb as usual. Demonic is actually a pretty cool place, not only because of all of the demons but it is also architecturally interesting. I spent some of the show time looking around to see what ideas I cold borrow for our next rebuild(s).

After the show I talked with Isobela about searching for missing objects. She is convinced we have lots of hidden stuff scattered about our property. She is likely right, but I don't think the problem is as big as she seems to think it is. As soon as I get a chance though I'll need to go on a prim safari, because it is a problem.

We didn't go hunting right then because we had to get ready for her show at the GlamShack. DJ King and mikki had started their show an hour early, so they were ready for a break by the time that we showed up. The crowd was light, but our hump-day hijinxs were in full swing. All too soon it was time for DJ Donagh and AuroraDawn to take over. That horny Troll and Amanda had shown up, and Gussie stopped by too! Woot!

We changed into formals in the Shack and went straight to Topanga Canyon where Heath was doing a two year anniversary performance. The Canyon really isn't much as a venue, but apparently it was where Heath did his first show so it is special to all of us. We danced and chatted and had a simply marvelous time listening to his music.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

My name is Isobela, and I am an (insert groan) OAR addict. I would like to thank Tycho for this opportunity to come clean....