Friday, October 31, 2008

You guys are the cure for the Blues!

As soon as I got home on Tuesday night I learned of an emergency Friendly Fire show at Cat's Club that had just started, so I rushed right over. Dee and Isobela were there and had things well in hand, but Isobela had her own show scheduled to start as Mac and Case were ending so I took over for her. Things were Rocktastic; I hadn't officered a Friendly Fire show away from the GlamShack or Echo Echo for ages and it was cool seeing so many new people.

There was a slight problem, though; I couldn't seem to get Mack's poofer to work. I kept feeling all around for it but couldn't find it. I checked mine and it wouldn't work either, and I knew right where it was! I figured that it must be sunspots causing all of our poofers to fail at the same time.

DJ Isobela was playing at the Savoy with Borealis hosting. It was SRV night, not a specific album but more like Isobela's favorites. It was awesome music! The Savoy was still done up for Halloween so we went in costume, it'll take a good dry-cleaner to get all of that makeup stain off of my jacket.

We had spent the afternoon getting our costumes ready for the show. She had a great turnout and even better music. DJ Isobela got all choked up at what a great time all the great people were having, and it was a really great time; she said "You guys are the cure for the Blues!"

The GlamShack became the SilkShack on Wednesday night as DJ Isobela Rocked us out! It was a wear your silks or come as you are event; no costume required but the sumptuous, shimmering silks were a sight to see. The music were was Rock instead of Blues but was just as amazing; I sure hope she saved her playlist. It was the best Wednesday night that I can remember. DJ King and mikki were before us and DJ Donagh and merry spun next so it was a night of glamtastic Rock and Roll!

Thursday night/Friday eve found DJ Crighton and Kimala at the GlamShack, out on the beach. I am worried about Mack and Case, they were looking very pale; hope they will be able to make their Friday show! DJ Crighton drew quite a large crowd, many of the usual crew plus many that I don't see too often and many I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Hmmm, I wonder if DJ Hy isn't able to play one Friday night, God forbid, but if not maybe we could get DJ Crighton and Kimala to do a show. It would be cool to see all of those friendly new faces on a Friday night!

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