Monday, November 3, 2008

Congratulations Nic and Meggie!

This Friday I set some champagne dance glasses out in the usual places around the GlamShack to get things ready for the show, then went out to do the trick or treat thing. I was able to make it back for the last quarter of Friendly Fire's Glamtastic show. For TGINF Tracy was handing out pumpkin face t-shirt; how silly. Koko came by, actually she was stopping by for a few minutes at a time all night. After the show Mack and Hy beat Isobela and I in a game of On A Roll.

On Saturday afternoon we had a GlamShack Officer's Meeting / On A Roll game. Mack wanted to play Boys vs. Girls and of course the Boys won three runs to zero! I placed my Flying Double Dance Discs at the GlamShack and GOAT for sale, L$150 each. I also set up a store at the Animations Center where they had a great deal on rental space, L$1 per week. I'm not counting on getting many sales there, but it is a good, inexpensive way to see how mall things work.

In the evening Isobela and I took some pictures that we had been wanting to take for a while; that was very nice. Later we played On A Roll at the store; in the first game I rolled 2 Yahtzees in a row and won of course, then she beat me 3-2 in the second game and 3-1 in the third.

We did a bit of exploring around the Princeton Groups - Diversity. A very interesting area, one part was having an electrical storm and it was snowing in another. Isobela's comments were "This is actually pretty cool", "Ohh, that's kind groovy" and other such synonyms.

Friendly Fire played at the Bushy Beard on Sunday; they were having a big contest with a bunch of bands and singers. The place was packed to the gills, 54 people at one point. Mack and Case were asking everyone that they knew to stop by and vote for them on the contest board. They had a really good show, they were really playing to the crowd and the crowd was responding to the band. Later we learned that they won Second Place with a prize of some cash and a guitar.

As soon as we were done there it was time to get ready for Nic and Meggie's Wedding. Isobela and I sat with Port and Joe; it was a lovely ceremony. The bride even arrived in a horse-drawn carriage! At the reception there was a singer who did an excellent job with all sorts of lovey-dovey songs while the lovely couple had the first dance, cut their cake and Hy made a wonderful toast to them.

Friendly Fire played a short set after the singer was finished. Promise and I officered, and Isobela helped. I Love I LOVE THIS SONG, and I pulled double poofer duty. After pictures there was even a fireworks show! The Happily Ever After people really know how to do a wedding right.

When the festivities were done there we went back home to change, and rest a little bit before heading over to Nightclub Echo Echo for our third Friendly Fire show of the day. It started a little late because Case was off accepting their award from the contest at the Bushy Beard earlier, or at least that was his excuse. I think that was all just a ploy to get Mack to set up the stage all by herself.

Their show was as fantastic as ever, many new people and people that I don't usually see around the GlamShack. We stayed for DJ Jocelyn and hostess Argus' Sunday night Mayhem and Madness. She had a play anything theme. We stayed there most of the night, dancing and singing. Life is good.

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