Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Rez Day Tracy!

Friday started with California Dreaming on Bowie Beach with DJ Isobela! It was board shorts and/or bikinis as the Fantabulous One spun Californesque for the Friday Slide into the Weekend party at the GlamShack. After that it was Mack and Case and multiple eargasms! Mikki had declared it a neko night to celebrate GoGo's return from the hospital, but Mack's tail got in the way of her poofer controls!

It was also a (somewhat late) celebration of Tracy's Rez Day. Quite a few people that we don't see at the GlamShack too often were there, including Gussie, Raven, Panther, Argus and even Niky! DJ Hy topped off the evening with mikki and TGINF, which seems to be drawing bigger and bigger crowds. We might want to start thinking about moving to a bigger place!

Saturday morning I saw ELiz singing and playing guitar at the Blarney Stone. Later we went to the Open Mic at the GOAT which included a Friendly Fire Half-Replugged show. They had a very Bluesey sound; Punk Blues as Isobela described it. Phiona closed the show with a very good performance of her own.

We went exploring at Paradise Falls at Wales Harbour,

and in Poetic Realms,

and even found some time to go fishing!

Fishing was really cool, I'm definitely going to look in to doing it some more, and finding new fishing holes. It might even be worthwhile to set up a fishing spot at the GlamShack!

I also played plenty of On A Roll over the weekend, or at least tried to. Mack and Isobela kept beating me mercilessly! I'd get a win in every once in a while, but overall received a pummeling.

Sunday night Friendly Fire was playing at Echo Echo; one of the officers scheduled to work had had something come up so Isobela and I went over to help work the show. Mack and Case were in a celebratory mood as the Dolphins had won; and the Saints (5-5) had too for that matter!

We closed out the weekend dancing and listening to Heath at Angel Shark Shallows. Crighton stopped by for the last quarter of the show as well. Heath was talking about doing some special Christmas shows; it would be way cool if he stopped by the Savoy some time in mid-December! Woot! Life is so good.

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