Monday, November 10, 2008

A splitting headache!

DJ Isobela Rocked our Hump-Day, classic Rock with Southern tease and a West-Coast flair. Always a good time! Plus plenty of OAR, usually at the store. We visited Plasma City 3, a simply amazing place! Comments were "OK This is worth the proce of admission" and "This is very cool!" We found two awesome rides made by MadCow that we rode, plus a friendly chimp-headed robot! Most excellent!

Friday I missed the Fantabulous One and Friendly Fire, but I did make it to Hy and mikki's show. The theme was nakie alts night and the place was packed! People did a 6-person pyramid, but the photos are not fit for publication in a family-oriented journal such as this. I never did figure out quite what an alt was though.

Saturday I stopped by the GOAT for a bit and saw Skylord playing the piano skyclad; a few members of the audience had joined him as well. Technical difficulties made it hard to hear him, but Jukebox came on later to play the guitar and sing and the problems seem to have cleared up.

I was able to make the Friendly Fire show at the Pirate Pussy Music Festival in the Port of New Orleans! They did their usual fantastic show, and I did see one pirate, but that was all. Case sang a new song, I think it's called "The best day in my life!" It's an awesome love story which he says he won't play it again until after their next album comes out. All of the ladies cried like faucets; I went through all of my hankies, and they are Copyable! I think album name is Cockeyed Optimistic? Case's diction wasn't the best on his third show of the day.

I had double poofer duty and had forgotten that I had filtered out poofs! I kept trying to trigger Mack's poofer but I didn't see anything so I keep clicking and clicking and clicking..... Later we went to the Sculptomancy and bought some trees; they have way cool bridges there too! We ended the night dancing in the Rainforest.

Sunday we watched the Saints (4-5) lose to Atlanta, but on the bright side Friendly Fire was playing at Fjordsguilden Market. As Case (who was very horny) said: "This place is awesome! Come on down and let's party, the Dolphins won and we're all fired up! Joce and all the gang are here, glam yer butts to the show!" My friend Kasia was there too! They had longboat rides but Isobela and I weren't able to try it; some other couple kept taking it!

Isobela and I officered for Mack and Case at NightClub Echo Echo that night; I think it was the fifth show she worked that weekend. What a champ! We all got our pixels rocked to the core, and true to his word Case didn't play the new song despite all of Isobela's pleading. I think the drummer really wants to play it again, too.

After the show we had a GlamShack owners meeting, then went to listen to Heath at Angel Shark Shallows. His music really carries you to a different level. We are so lucky. Life is good.

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