Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Farr!

There was a Who's Who of Journey Rock Island gathered in the Escape Club to celebrate Farr's Birthday Thursday night! Argus said he was 22, but somehow I doubt that. DJ Raven was spinning his usual fantastic tunes, ably assisted by hostess Gussie. Isobela and I made the second half of the show, but Mack and Case had back-to-back shows themselves so couldn't make it. We had a real nice time seeing old friends we hadn't seen in a while.

On Wednesday night after the Fantabulous One finished DJing her Hump-day show at the GlamShack we headed over to the Savoy to hear the end of DJ Oggden's Jazz Fusion show. It was his first night performing at the Savoy; the music wasn't quite what I expected but good nonetheless. Dee and Cay opened their new club on the same night with DJ Justine; I wasn't able to make it there but hope to soon. Isoebla and I had stopped by a few days earlier and saw them putting the finishing touches on the place; they even had a GreedyGreedy table! Life is good.

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