Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trouble at the Savoy!

★☆★Sultry Voiced DJ Isobela★☆★ played some scorching blues at the Savoy Tuesday night. The featured artist was Aynsley Lister, the album was Everything I Need. "He is one of very few artists playing rocking blues with a modern edge -tangible, heartfelt, soul searching and full of fine songwriting; played with passion and vitality. His hard hitting rhythms and guitar work are reminiscent of a young Clapton." Totally awesome tunes by DJ Isobela as always.

Hostess Mikki was there to keep the party lively. Willa was there interviewing, but I'm not quite sure what type of position she was interviewing people for. I always seem to get so distracted when I'm there. Oh, and Aeryn shot an intruder! I didn't catch who it was, but Joe caught a ricochet with his teeth! There was a not-Moose named Squiffy laying on the dance floor for a little bit, and I thought she may have shot him, but then he got up and ran away. Needless to say the gunfire disrupted Willa's interview.

Isobela beat me soundly at On A Roll as well. Even so, life is good.

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