Sunday, February 8, 2009

DJ Tycho

Well Isobela caught me at a weak moment and talked me in to DJing. In the wee hours of Saturday morning when there was no one else around we tested it out and I was able to stream, but doing voice was a challenge. When I woke up later that morning I went back and had Joe help me try and get the microphone thing working.

It worked, so he took off but then Isobela came by and brow-beat me into trying again so that she and Hy could critique me and give me helpful hints. I played a few songs, and we got things mostly straightened out; I'm still having software issues though.

Hy and Isobela must have liked what they heard because they started sending out notices and group IMs and pretty soon we had a half of a Shack's worth of people! I guess I played for them for a half an hour or so, and had a good time doing it! DJing sure is exhausting, though; at least the way I was doing it. It would probably be easier if I had the proper equipment.

I'm looking at ways to get myself set as a DJ. Right now I guess I could do it as a last-resort type of thing, but it might be fun to have my own regular show at the Shack someday. There's always something new in this wonderful world of ours. Life is good.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

I am so proud of you! You Rocked the sim.
Another awesome DJ is born.
Congratulations Tycho! "DJ -Sir T"

Hare said...


I must visit the shack more often.

Hare Hugs and Congrats!!

Parker said...

Need you to DJ at the pub sometime. I just have to make sure I am in town and don't leave Aeryn and Portia in charge.