Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Go Navy (34)! Beat Army (0)!

Last Firday was our first TGINF at the new GlamShack! Isobela and Hy were back in town and it was as Glamtastic as ever! The Friendly Fire Train Wreck was Boogey Shoes, brought to us as always by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures By Mack! Towards the end of the evening we sled into a nakey On A Roll tournament which I won three games to two!

On Monday I worked on my Friendly Fire Christmas Tree ornament; I forget when we had to have them in by but I think they will burn the first tree this Thursday. Isobela stopped by and we went to see what she had done with the new GOAT and Hy's blues stage; excellent work! From there we went to Metempsyche's Garden, a very cool place, then we went next door to the Sunfire Gallery of Arts and Island Resort. One of Isobela's comments was: "This is trippy, this is trippy, this is trippy. OK, this is cool. I like this alot."

After that it was a Heath Christmas concert in Roma Antiqua. Elven maiden Aianna has been helping him with his Christmas shows by reading a short Christmas story in her soft, ethereal voice; very nice. Heath and Aianna will be at the Savoy this Sunday, I hope everyone can make it!

Afterwards we worked on our Friendly Fire Christmas Tree ornaments some more. Mine is pretty much done so I started working on a blinking light Christmas tree. We hit the Shack for a game or 3. Life is so good.

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