Monday, December 1, 2008


I worked on the new GOAT, made some steps to get up on stage more easily then got into a snowball fight with Tracy, Ajay, Syn and a few others. After drying off and changing I went to the Beach party on Journey Island with DJ Farr Hostess Argus. They were having a Kings and Queens costume contest; I went as a King and won 2nd place with a nice cash reward! Cisco came in first and Leland third, and it was Gunny D, Neals and Rosie for the ladies.

Caught the last half of Friendly Fire at NeatTricks, I was just in time for I love I LOVE THIS SONG!! They have a very cool venue, part of the dance floor was a mock-up of a record player that you could dance on as it spun around! I think it was some type of anniversary party as the Nails played after Mack and Case.

Later I was able to see a special show of Heath's with Isobela at the Aroha Tahi Public Park. He played some Christmas and some very jazzy tunes. I like his older stuff a little better, but this was good all the same.

Afterwards we did some more work on the GOAT; it's really looking good. Then I won our goodnight game of OAR. Life is good.

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