Monday, December 22, 2008

Black; and Tan!

Early Friday afternoon DJ Isobela was playing the Celtic Kitchen Sink at Parker's Pub! Parky has a new location, and a new layout of her pub, but still all the same fantabulousness. After leaving there we barely had time for me to beat Isobela in a game of On A Roll before it was time for the Friday Slide into the Weekend party to start on GlamShack Beach! The Fantabulous One played her usual awesome tunes and was followed by Friendly Fire, who had a new song and DJ Hy with his and Meggie's Naked/Nekkid/Nakey/Nakie Friday show!

My friend Portcia was there for the Friendly Fire show to help us celebrate one year of service as Friendly Fire Officers for Ajay, Isobela and I. It was kinda touching; Mack and Case had made up all sorts of lies to tell about us in between songs, and even had some awesome trophies made! Mine is on my fire place mantle now (unless Isobela has torn down the house and built a new one that is, she's been on a building kick as of late.)

The Friday Night Train Wreck was Little Drummer Boy - a sure sign that Saint Nick is about to need to send his suit to the dry-cleaners to get all the chimney soot out! As usual the show was sponsored by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures By Mack. Willa had invited Mony to Hy's show, and Mony had tried to act all innocent. What a card! There was also a rather odd discussion brought on by Brooke stating "thx gawd i got insurance on my legs." It all just goes to show you; the GlamShack is a journey, not a destination.

Saturday morning Isobela and I played On A Roll against some acquaintances of ours, Joe and Portcia. Joe's real name is Joenik, but he prefers Joe so that what I call him except when I want to piss him off. They are pretty cool people, although they tend to get kinda quiet whenever they are around Isobela and I. They aren't very good On A Roll players though, we beat them easily. It's too bad Mack wasn't around to watch the game, I'm sure she would have gotten a big kick out of it.

That afternoon Friendly Fire played on the Atlantis Stage for the Virtual Live Band Party / Mambo's Rez-Week celebration. The Little Drummer Boy was again in attendance, as was my friend Ian. Mack and Case performed a new Song for us, Happy Go Lucky from their upcoming album Cockeyed Optimist. It is a very cool song; I can't wait for the album to come out. Perhaps I'll ask Joe to go wait at Wal-Mart in the album section so we can be among the first to get a copy of the album!

Later on Isobela and I went on an exploration spree. We visited the unfinished land of a good friend of hers, one of the features of which is the Hobgoblin Public House. It's kinda of a bar / dance hall thing; Isobela might even DJ there a couple times to help open the place. There is a very cool picnic area out back that looks over the ocean, too, so we rested there for a while.

Before too long it was time to go to the Holiday Party at Cat and Tali's place! They have quite a nice place, perfect for partying! A good dance area, a skating pond and a seating area around the humongeous fireplace. Plus, the trays of natural aphrodisiacs only helped the awesome atmosphere.

Cat was DJing Celtic stuff for us so Isobela and I danced and danced. Cat was also handing out presents, stuff that she and Tali had made! They guys received these cool top hats with holly wreaths around them, and the ladies holly wreaths to be worn as crowns! Truly awesome gifts, as we were out and about later I received many compliments on it.

We stopped by the Shack for a while, played a few games of OAR, then went out exploring some more. We stopped by a Winter Wonderland,

and a huge mushroom patch that was very hard to drag Isobela away from!

Finally we found some very cool woodlands and went for a relaxing stroll.

On Sunday I delivered the Group Tip Jar script and object that I had been working on to my friend Portie. Isobela has dumped most of the work for running the GOAT on poor Portie. She had kept changing her mind about whether the tip jar needs to share between 3 or 4 people; it was straightforward to fix just a little time-consuming. I had tested it thoroughly; I hope she doesn't find any problems with it.

I have also been working on a Jet Pack; Joe is helping me some with it. I was wearing an early model of it when Joe and I stopped by the Fjord to see Friendly Fire; I think Mack may have noticed it before I got it off and put away. We still have alot of work to do on it, the early model showed us the strengths and weaknesses just as it's supposed to. I'll be working on the mechanics of the device itself whilst Joe concentrates on the human-device interface. Hopefully being able to associate his name with it will make it more saleable.

I have made a few more sales of my Flying Double Dance Disk, probably 8 total now. I made GlamShack and Glamnation beach towels and set them out for sale cheap, but I haven't sold any. I haven't advertised them at all so it's no wonder there have been no sales. I'm working on GlamShack and Glamnation massage towels in my spare time; once I have them done and maybe the Jet Pack I'll see about putting them all in a vendor on a cart and actually advertising.

I was thinking of another item I could make and sell, but forget exactly what it is now. I have it written down somewhere. I think it was some type of hat; maybe a GlamShack / Glamnation-themed crash helmet for use with the Jet Pack? Hmmm, maybe I'll put a big spike on top of it too for ramming. There are so many exciting, interesting, wonderful things to do in this world. There are so many exciting, interesting, wonderful people to share them with, too. We are all so lucky.

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