Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Short Slide

DJ Isobela and DJ Hy had to cancel their normal Friday night shows, but Friendly Fire lit up the night in a good old-fashioned revival-tent show in Joiner! The GlamShack is having a makeover so the shows this week are across from Gestures By Mack in the GlamTent! DJ Isobela and DJ Hy will be performing at their normal times next weekend!

The Friday Night Train Wreck, which was of course brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures By Mack, was My Best Friend's Girlfriend; quite a stirring rendition as a matter of fact. My good friend Alaska passed by, I hadn't seen her in ages! We were also blessed to hear I Love This Song, but it was played at the same time I was sending mid-show notices. It's so hard to get good help these days!

DJ Ajay had played in Dublin earlier, unfortunately I was working in an undisclosed location and had to miss it. She plays the best music! Isobela and I played On A Roll against Tracy and Mack and beat them 3 games in a row! Isobela and I have played so often we each know the other thought and strategies; we make an excellent team! Life is good!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congratulation and Condolences Les!

The Friday Night Slide was one big party honoring Lesbibutbi for her elevation to the ranks of Friendly Fire Officer! DJ Isobela started us out with Classic Rock on Bowie Beach. The dynamic duo of Friendly Fire took over and a little over halfway through their show held the coronation! Mack had many nice things to say about Les; I'm sure she's going to be a great addition. Isobela was also honored with a hat-trick award from a couple of weeks ago; 3 shows in one day with a smile on her face!

DJ Hy and hostess mikki followed Mack and Case with Naked/Nekkid/Nakey/Nakie Friday and the usual cast of characters. Promise had stayed for Hy's show and somehow had gotten tape stuck all over her! Arc showed up wearing balloons which the girls promptly popped. One big happy family.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Farr!

There was a Who's Who of Journey Rock Island gathered in the Escape Club to celebrate Farr's Birthday Thursday night! Argus said he was 22, but somehow I doubt that. DJ Raven was spinning his usual fantastic tunes, ably assisted by hostess Gussie. Isobela and I made the second half of the show, but Mack and Case had back-to-back shows themselves so couldn't make it. We had a real nice time seeing old friends we hadn't seen in a while.

On Wednesday night after the Fantabulous One finished DJing her Hump-day show at the GlamShack we headed over to the Savoy to hear the end of DJ Oggden's Jazz Fusion show. It was his first night performing at the Savoy; the music wasn't quite what I expected but good nonetheless. Dee and Cay opened their new club on the same night with DJ Justine; I wasn't able to make it there but hope to soon. Isoebla and I had stopped by a few days earlier and saw them putting the finishing touches on the place; they even had a GreedyGreedy table! Life is good.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Rez Day Tracy!

Friday started with California Dreaming on Bowie Beach with DJ Isobela! It was board shorts and/or bikinis as the Fantabulous One spun Californesque for the Friday Slide into the Weekend party at the GlamShack. After that it was Mack and Case and multiple eargasms! Mikki had declared it a neko night to celebrate GoGo's return from the hospital, but Mack's tail got in the way of her poofer controls!

It was also a (somewhat late) celebration of Tracy's Rez Day. Quite a few people that we don't see at the GlamShack too often were there, including Gussie, Raven, Panther, Argus and even Niky! DJ Hy topped off the evening with mikki and TGINF, which seems to be drawing bigger and bigger crowds. We might want to start thinking about moving to a bigger place!

Saturday morning I saw ELiz singing and playing guitar at the Blarney Stone. Later we went to the Open Mic at the GOAT which included a Friendly Fire Half-Replugged show. They had a very Bluesey sound; Punk Blues as Isobela described it. Phiona closed the show with a very good performance of her own.

We went exploring at Paradise Falls at Wales Harbour,

and in Poetic Realms,

and even found some time to go fishing!

Fishing was really cool, I'm definitely going to look in to doing it some more, and finding new fishing holes. It might even be worthwhile to set up a fishing spot at the GlamShack!

I also played plenty of On A Roll over the weekend, or at least tried to. Mack and Isobela kept beating me mercilessly! I'd get a win in every once in a while, but overall received a pummeling.

Sunday night Friendly Fire was playing at Echo Echo; one of the officers scheduled to work had had something come up so Isobela and I went over to help work the show. Mack and Case were in a celebratory mood as the Dolphins had won; and the Saints (5-5) had too for that matter!

We closed out the weekend dancing and listening to Heath at Angel Shark Shallows. Crighton stopped by for the last quarter of the show as well. Heath was talking about doing some special Christmas shows; it would be way cool if he stopped by the Savoy some time in mid-December! Woot! Life is so good.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ten Ones in a Row!

Isobela rolled 2 Yahtzees in a row! All of them ones! If she's gonna cheat she shouldn't be so blatant about it. Of course she won that game, but lost 3 games to 5 overall.

After all those games we barely made the end of the DJ King and mikki show; we were just in time for DJ Isobela to Rock the GlamShack! We're past the peak of the work-week and maintaining momentum on a downward slope. I anticipate a very special slide this weekend!

Our thought and prayers to our little furry friend. Get well soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God, and St. George!

According to Isobela, you can Google "cheating smarmy rat" and my picture is there! Woot! DJ Ando and AuroraDawn played at the GlamShack on Monday, their show was earlier than we thought. We danced a bit, then played On A Roll through his show and part of Case's and Ajay's afterwards, then called it a night.

Tuesday morning I stopped by the TryLine Sports Bar in Dublin to listen to DJ Shayla; I forget the name of her hostess but she was doing a good job. They have a pool table there but I've never seen anyone using it; I'll have to stop by when it isn't so crowded and try a game.

DJ Isobela's show at the Savoy was themed "Women that got them blues"; all female artists with playful, modern electric blues in all its diverse shades and colorations. Her hostess mikki kept things light and airy in her flirty sort of way. The west-coast crowd was active and jamming, so DJ Isobela played well over time. It was some really good music, excellent snogging songs.

I kinda skipped my birthday on Monday; I didn't want to make a fuss. I was hoping to see Clovis to wish him a happy birthday too, but I missed him. Here's hoping our 234th year is as much of a blast as all the others!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A splitting headache!

DJ Isobela Rocked our Hump-Day, classic Rock with Southern tease and a West-Coast flair. Always a good time! Plus plenty of OAR, usually at the store. We visited Plasma City 3, a simply amazing place! Comments were "OK This is worth the proce of admission" and "This is very cool!" We found two awesome rides made by MadCow that we rode, plus a friendly chimp-headed robot! Most excellent!

Friday I missed the Fantabulous One and Friendly Fire, but I did make it to Hy and mikki's show. The theme was nakie alts night and the place was packed! People did a 6-person pyramid, but the photos are not fit for publication in a family-oriented journal such as this. I never did figure out quite what an alt was though.

Saturday I stopped by the GOAT for a bit and saw Skylord playing the piano skyclad; a few members of the audience had joined him as well. Technical difficulties made it hard to hear him, but Jukebox came on later to play the guitar and sing and the problems seem to have cleared up.

I was able to make the Friendly Fire show at the Pirate Pussy Music Festival in the Port of New Orleans! They did their usual fantastic show, and I did see one pirate, but that was all. Case sang a new song, I think it's called "The best day in my life!" It's an awesome love story which he says he won't play it again until after their next album comes out. All of the ladies cried like faucets; I went through all of my hankies, and they are Copyable! I think album name is Cockeyed Optimistic? Case's diction wasn't the best on his third show of the day.

I had double poofer duty and had forgotten that I had filtered out poofs! I kept trying to trigger Mack's poofer but I didn't see anything so I keep clicking and clicking and clicking..... Later we went to the Sculptomancy and bought some trees; they have way cool bridges there too! We ended the night dancing in the Rainforest.

Sunday we watched the Saints (4-5) lose to Atlanta, but on the bright side Friendly Fire was playing at Fjordsguilden Market. As Case (who was very horny) said: "This place is awesome! Come on down and let's party, the Dolphins won and we're all fired up! Joce and all the gang are here, glam yer butts to the show!" My friend Kasia was there too! They had longboat rides but Isobela and I weren't able to try it; some other couple kept taking it!

Isobela and I officered for Mack and Case at NightClub Echo Echo that night; I think it was the fifth show she worked that weekend. What a champ! We all got our pixels rocked to the core, and true to his word Case didn't play the new song despite all of Isobela's pleading. I think the drummer really wants to play it again, too.

After the show we had a GlamShack owners meeting, then went to listen to Heath at Angel Shark Shallows. His music really carries you to a different level. We are so lucky. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trouble at the Savoy!

★☆★Sultry Voiced DJ Isobela★☆★ played some scorching blues at the Savoy Tuesday night. The featured artist was Aynsley Lister, the album was Everything I Need. "He is one of very few artists playing rocking blues with a modern edge -tangible, heartfelt, soul searching and full of fine songwriting; played with passion and vitality. His hard hitting rhythms and guitar work are reminiscent of a young Clapton." Totally awesome tunes by DJ Isobela as always.

Hostess Mikki was there to keep the party lively. Willa was there interviewing, but I'm not quite sure what type of position she was interviewing people for. I always seem to get so distracted when I'm there. Oh, and Aeryn shot an intruder! I didn't catch who it was, but Joe caught a ricochet with his teeth! There was a not-Moose named Squiffy laying on the dance floor for a little bit, and I thought she may have shot him, but then he got up and ran away. Needless to say the gunfire disrupted Willa's interview.

Isobela beat me soundly at On A Roll as well. Even so, life is good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Congratulations Nic and Meggie!

This Friday I set some champagne dance glasses out in the usual places around the GlamShack to get things ready for the show, then went out to do the trick or treat thing. I was able to make it back for the last quarter of Friendly Fire's Glamtastic show. For TGINF Tracy was handing out pumpkin face t-shirt; how silly. Koko came by, actually she was stopping by for a few minutes at a time all night. After the show Mack and Hy beat Isobela and I in a game of On A Roll.

On Saturday afternoon we had a GlamShack Officer's Meeting / On A Roll game. Mack wanted to play Boys vs. Girls and of course the Boys won three runs to zero! I placed my Flying Double Dance Discs at the GlamShack and GOAT for sale, L$150 each. I also set up a store at the Animations Center where they had a great deal on rental space, L$1 per week. I'm not counting on getting many sales there, but it is a good, inexpensive way to see how mall things work.

In the evening Isobela and I took some pictures that we had been wanting to take for a while; that was very nice. Later we played On A Roll at the store; in the first game I rolled 2 Yahtzees in a row and won of course, then she beat me 3-2 in the second game and 3-1 in the third.

We did a bit of exploring around the Princeton Groups - Diversity. A very interesting area, one part was having an electrical storm and it was snowing in another. Isobela's comments were "This is actually pretty cool", "Ohh, that's kind groovy" and other such synonyms.

Friendly Fire played at the Bushy Beard on Sunday; they were having a big contest with a bunch of bands and singers. The place was packed to the gills, 54 people at one point. Mack and Case were asking everyone that they knew to stop by and vote for them on the contest board. They had a really good show, they were really playing to the crowd and the crowd was responding to the band. Later we learned that they won Second Place with a prize of some cash and a guitar.

As soon as we were done there it was time to get ready for Nic and Meggie's Wedding. Isobela and I sat with Port and Joe; it was a lovely ceremony. The bride even arrived in a horse-drawn carriage! At the reception there was a singer who did an excellent job with all sorts of lovey-dovey songs while the lovely couple had the first dance, cut their cake and Hy made a wonderful toast to them.

Friendly Fire played a short set after the singer was finished. Promise and I officered, and Isobela helped. I Love I LOVE THIS SONG, and I pulled double poofer duty. After pictures there was even a fireworks show! The Happily Ever After people really know how to do a wedding right.

When the festivities were done there we went back home to change, and rest a little bit before heading over to Nightclub Echo Echo for our third Friendly Fire show of the day. It started a little late because Case was off accepting their award from the contest at the Bushy Beard earlier, or at least that was his excuse. I think that was all just a ploy to get Mack to set up the stage all by herself.

Their show was as fantastic as ever, many new people and people that I don't usually see around the GlamShack. We stayed for DJ Jocelyn and hostess Argus' Sunday night Mayhem and Madness. She had a play anything theme. We stayed there most of the night, dancing and singing. Life is good.