Monday, June 30, 2008

We Did the Bid!

Today in the Escape Club on Journey Island was the culmination of months of effort, the Bid 4 A Cure Date auction! The benefit was for Diabetes research in the US and UK. As with the Goods and Services auction Isobela was the auctioneer while DJ Jocelyn played music and read introductions.

Mack had/was volunteered to be auctioned first. The bidding for her went higher than I expected, though nowhere near what she is worth. This pattern was followed for all 21 auctionees. Isobela was won by curm, and MiaSnow won me. Isobela went for two and a half times what I did, though it should have been much more. I was lucky enough to win the bid for VLB drummer Vicky! Woot!

Unlike the Goods and Services auction, the Date auction ended on time. We were all getting ready for Friendly Fire, and in fact I had just sent out the group notices, when Mack tells me that the show has been cancelled! Even though things ended on time it had been a long, stressful day at the end of a long, stressful month; I think they made the right decision in letting things end on a high note. My friend Vicky was looking forward to hearing them, though; maybe I can get her some backstage passes.

In late-breaking news later in the evening I learned that DJ John is coming back to the Shack! He is scheduled to start on Saturday, July 5th from 6-8pm SLT; just before DJ Jocelyn. I've also heard rumors that DJ Bill may be coming back, also. That would be cool.

As we were out and about later we ran in to Louisa. It had been months and months since we had seen her; we had a nice chat and caught each other up on things. Isobela also helped me make a barrel of black wine that a friend of ours had been asking for.

We had to miss the birthday party for Xubi that Cheyenne was putting on So we could make it to Journey Island for the auction. The Bid 4 A Cure Date goal was a million L$. About an hour after the auction, after she had finished totaling all of the receipts from the auction and the various donation syringes scattered across the Metaverse, Jocelyn puts out a group call to let everyone know that We Did It! L$ 1,070,277! Woot!

Special thanks to all of the auctionees and winning bidders (and all of the non-winning bidders, too!): Mack, Ajay, Case, Synapse, Cataplexia, Taliesin, Fabien, Adrian, Maximillion, Chely, Isobela, curmudgeon, Tycho, MiaSnow, Freestar, RoseDrop, Trindolyn, Hare, Jocelyn, Arcadian, LauraJill, Vicki, Moody, Derrian, Brooke, Pete, Farrokh, Argus, Rosie, Kisa, Hy and The Tracy!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


This morning I went to listen Joaquin, who is from Argentina, playing live in the Blarney Stone. I hadn't been there in a while, and didn't recognize many of the people. Eria, Otawan were there, but Otawan couldn't stay too long. Phooka was hostess, and did a good job, but those Dubliners still have so many extra tips jars festooning their venues; it bothers me whenever I go there any more. Emmie showed up later, and it was good to see her.

I worked on my secret project some more; I'm making progress but have kinda branched off. I've made something but still need to work on what I originally intended. I tested my creation in a deserted GlamShack to make sure it wouldn't hurt anyone too badly too often.

I went to see DJ Arcadian and LauraJill in the GlamShack. Isobela was there, and we really cut the rug. LauraJill said that we would SOOOO win Dancing with the Stars! I'm not sure if they originally had a theme for the show, but when I got there it was wet t-shirts. The Tracy noted that while Jocelyn may have a nice belly button, Isobela should be congratulated on having most excellent, um, other parts of her anatomy thus revealed.

We left there, and after quickly changing into dry clothes headed over to the TryLine Sports Bar in Dublin to listen to DJ Ajay! She has an amazing voice! She played fantastic music, but I think she needs to speak on the microphone more. I can see why Mack and Case nicknamed her giggles, though.

Later Friendly Fire was playing at Club Fantasies on Island Fantasies. Johnny99 was up before us; he does some excellent guitar work. It looked like Cher was hostessing for him, but I'm not sure. Before the show Mack and Case teased us by announcing that they would have a surprise for us; when they started playing they told us that they had a brand new song for us!

The song is called It's My Time. It's a little slower than their usual fare, almost bluesey, but still up to the high Friendly Fire standards. Everyone loved the song; Isobela: "Case your sounding soooooo Damn hot and SEXYY"; Ajay: "okay, yes, this song officially rocks :)"! My favorite is still I Love This Song!, but this one is up there. Oh, and I spoiled Megan at the show, at least according to her.

This show was also the debut of new GLAM Poofer. Mack called it "the poofer waterfall thingie;" a fairly good description. It sort of blankets the whole area in GLAM poofs instead of having them come from a point location. Crowd reactions: "that freaking rocks", "awesome!!!!", "Ok you have so outdone your self", "very very cool".

Mack brought her poofer this time and I was racing back and forth operating them both; need to work on the controls. Ajay was reminiscing after the show and noted " First the new song, then the awesomeness that is that uber-poofer thingie!" Thus I think I have a name for it: The Uber-Poofer. It still can use a couple of tweaks I think, but will try it in a few more places to see how it goes.

We left Club Fantasies and headed straight to the GlamShack for the DJ Jocelyn and Ajay show. It was a Pajama party / meet and greet for the auctionees at the Bid 4 A Cure date auction tomorrow. My friend Shankar was there, I hadn't seen him in ages. Freestar threatened me for quoting her just a little out of context; Ajay told her to get in line. Freestar and Vicky were at the Shack for the meet and greet; I don't think they had been there before. They really added to the fun in group conversations; I hope they come back soon.

After the show Isobela and I visited SunnTee Arts, an amazing sculpture and painting gallery, Later we went to Dragon Moon and walked the shoreline around the entire island enjoying the company of the dragons there. We didn't get to the interior as it had gotten very late; that is still on our list of things to do. Another wonderful day.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday Slide

DJ Isobela was Rocking the GlamShack tonight, and I was lucky enough to be there to see it! What an excellent way to start a slide into the weekend! Prudance showed up! It had been a while since any of us had seen her, so we all had a nice chat while we rocked. Brooke showed up to lead us in a Canada Day celebration. She even passed out Official 2008 Canada Day Hats!

Friendly Fire took the stage next and continued the fantastic music. We had a Double Train Wreck this week, Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green and What's Going On by 4 Non-Blondes. They played them very well, but not anywhere near as well as I Love This Song!

Mack forgot her poofer. Again. Ya'd think after two shows earlier in the day she would have found it by now! Anyway, they did their awesome Bid 4 A Cure charity fund-raiser again. Not only did they not put out a tip jar and asked everyone to donate to the Bid4 syringe instead, they also committed to matching all donations made during the show! After their very generous donation we ended up with a total of L$103,730 total in Syringe!

DJ Hy followed Mack and Case with a Canada Day theme. He played songs by Canadian artists, song about people going to Canada, sons about people going anywhere, and other songs. A very nice mix! Isobela and I danced there for a while, then went over near the GOAT where we could chat and still hear the music. She's talking about starting a secret project, too. It's a kick living in the World’s Biggest Programming Environment!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been having hectic days for what seems like months now. Today I just chilled out and lazed around the house all day. Life is good.

Well OK there was that one secret project I worked on, but just one. I promise!

A very cheeky night at the GlamShack!

Friendly Fire was playing at the Red Rock Amphitheater for Dee's opening show as an officer. I was only able to make the last half of the show, but I did enjoy the fantastic group note she sent early on! I had poofer duty; I'll have to explain about that to Dee for when I'm not around. There was quite a good crowd to enjoy I Love This Song! Mack and Case really know how to wow a crowd.

Blue4U follwed Friendly Fire with Singerman, FrankLee and Freestar following her; it was a whole night of Rock! I wasn't able to stay for much of the other shows, Isobela was helping me work on stuff for Bid 4 A Cure and then I had to get ready for work at the GlamShack.

While I was on my way to the GlamShack I noticed across the inlet on Moxie Island there was a nice little beach area set up for some sunbathers. The odd thing was that all of the people there were wearing ordinary street/club clothes. I'd think that people enjoying the wonderful sunshine would be wearing bathing suits at most. Strange.

DJ Isobela rocked the GlamShack with her usual coquettish charisma. The art from last weekend Summer Solstice Arts and Music Festival was still up outside of the Shack, that may have brought in one or two extra visitors. My friend mikki, hostess in training for the night, led us in a discussion of the differences between Porno Tongue and Church Tongue. Only in the GlamShack! DJ Isobela also played mikki's theme song, Hey mikki, at Alaska's request!

DJ Isobela signaled that the night was taking a new tack when she said "mikki, it's time." mikki brought out a box of chaps and thongs and heavily encouraged everyone to change into them. When Case saw the DJ in them he said "Iso! I am scandalized! Nice job!" Hy and I were of course quick to change, as was mikki. Mack and Case grumbled a little, but eventually changed themselves as well. Hy shared an important chaps-wearing tip: "And don't put them on backwards!"

Elf and his friend showed up and changed, plus many others. DJ Isobela said on the air that "I see ass everywhere!" With all of that ass hanging out of course there were spankings going on, at least until Missy pulled out her cat-o-nine tails! No one wanted to go up against those armed with only a bare hand!

It was another great night at the GlamShack. Isobela and I were finally able to do our new dances there, the chaps came out, and she threatened us with silks the next time! I guess I'd better get my sewing machine out, there's no use trying to fight Mother Nature. Life is good.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations Dee and Synapse!

Tonight at the Beach Bum was the Royal Coronation of the latest two souls elevated to the exalted status of Friendly Fire Officer, Dee and Synapse! Everything happened in grand style! We have the ritualistic elements down pretty well now, and the rest just comes naturally.

Promise wasn't able to make it, but she promises that she'll be back soon. We all miss her dreadfully. I remember her Coronation like it was yesterday. It was just as awesome, only this time they played I Love This Song!

I have high hopes for my friend Synapse. Not only will he be a welcome relief from all the estrogen swirling about at Friendly Fire Officer shindigs, but perhaps he might also help keep rein-in Ajay!

Often many officers that are not on duty show up at shows, but this time with everyone in uniform it was awesome. Even so, they were almost drowned in the crowd. So many old and new Friends were there. Cheers, Mr. Allen.

Immediately after the show I headed to the Savoy to listen to the fantastic bump and grind Blues of DJ Isobela. The special of the night was Duke Robillard & Ronnie Earl, "Duke meets the Earl." Very nice music.

Poor Kimala broke her hooer. BigD was devastated; we all were very sympathetic. Isobela did her best to fix Kimala's hooer, right there on the dance floor, but to no avail.

Megan was there for most of the night before she had to leave and go get ready for work at the GlamShack. Heronymus was there for most of the night, too. I hadn't seen him in a Coon's age. All in all it was a wonderful day in a wonderful world.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Jazz

I took the catamaran out into Marco Bay, my first time there. It's a pretty nice are, just west of Hy and Tracy's place. There will probably be some good scuba-diving opportunities out there later.

DJ Isobela was spinning jazz at At Last, but by the time I had gotten home, cleaned the cat and put her away, showered and changed, Isobela had switched to blues. When I arrived at At Last (I like typing that) she was dancing with one of the patrons, so I eyed the room.

I spotted mikki dancing alone, and was going to see if she wanted to dance when the guy dancing with Isobela runs out of the place! He even forgot his hat! Isobela explained that she was just trying to introduce us and that he got scared. So poor mikki missed out, but I got to dance with the DJ.

We missed DJ Case playing at the GlamShack; instead we went shopping and I bought Isobela a dual-mermaid rotating statue. They are chasing each other's tails like a couple of playful puppies! We brought it back home, I filled in the swimming pool and then we had a race to see who could build the best display pool first.

Isobela got off to a good start, but then she had problems with her tools so my design made it. It turned out very well, but I'm sure we'll both do alot of tweaking. With the mermaids where they were we decided to more the archer on a rock statue I had placed earlier, the view from the patio with them both just seemed a little off.

Eventually everything was arranged and we went off to listen to Heath play new-age jazz piano in Nantucket. He was excellent as usual, playing a mixture of his regular pieces in addition to the newer work from "Soulfire." He drew a good crowd, over forty people. I owe Heath; he is cool. Life is good.

Friendly Fire in the News!

The Massively interview with Mack and Case came out last Saturday night! Their picture was also featured in the Massively Year in Review!

Friendly Fire Rocks!

Svarga, Svarga

Immediately after the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was over Friendly Fire was playing at the Escape Club on Journey Rock Band island. We all had to race over to make it on time, and Isobela and I changed into our Officer uniforms once we arrived there.

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband (Mack and Case) told us that there would be no songs repeated from their previous show, but their first and last two songs are signature so they played those as usual. Plus of course they played I Love This Song! If they hadn't there likely would have been a riot. Poofer duty was all mine this time. All in all it was yet another high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness starring DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy followed Friendly Fire. The theme was One-Hit Wonders. Isobela and I stayed foe a while, but we were pretty burnt out after our long day. We headed back to the GOAT to check up on things and ran into a disturbing situation; the same guy that was a jerk at the Relay for Life benefit show was acting out at there. We tag-team talked to him, and Hy showed up and gave him a piece of his mind, too. I don't think he'll be showing back up there.

We went back home and changed, then headed over to Svarga. I had heard people talk about the place, but had never been there myself. They had a tour device like Africa has, but instead of a balloon it was more like a two-place bench seat. It gave us a good overview of places that we wanted to explore more later; the falls were especially cool.

In Africa and the Rain Forest yesterday the focal points were places where there were amazing things to see; in Svarga the focal points were generally scenic overlooks so that you could enjoy all of the things in the area. One exception to this was the Oracle, he was hidden in an underground chamber. We both paid for reading, and they were pretty good summations of our day. Above the Oracle there was a small plaza with a very nice fountain.

Another exception was the AmbiPod. They had small vehicles that would take you up into it, and back down when you were ready. The AmbiPod was totally awesome; we were floating in space enjoying music and lights. Looking up at the sky and watch the stars shifting, meteors, suns going nova far off in many different colors. Slack-jawed amazement.

Of course we had to go shopping in the Svarga store before we left. Isobela was especially interested in their ready-built fountains and the parts you could use to build your own. While we were there who should wander in but Cheyenne! How totally amazing! She had just gotten back from vacation and had stopped by to pick up a few things for her new renters. She and Isobela immediately started chatting while I futilely tried to get a word in edgewise. It is truly a small metaverse that we are so blessed live in. Life is good.

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival!

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was a resounding success. This morning when I woke up there was name-tag detritus scattered all about the place from where Isobela had been up all night working on things. I wasn't exactly sure if any of it would be needed so I left things the way they were and headed over to the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre.

The GOAT was sparkling new and as fresh as always; the sea breezes keep it that way plus do a number of the pirate flag over the stage. Hy moved the big radio from the GlamShack to outhouse, the one without the paper. The lack of paper helped to keep the lines down so that he was able to get in there and switch things over between acts.
The musicians and DJs will be playing from the open-air stage, but the arrival point is right next to the GlamShack so there was some confusion at first among visitors as to where the show was. Isobela quickly whipped up some signs and placed them so people were funneled through the art displays and to the GOAT stage.

Jackdog was the first musician on stage. He drew a very nice crowd to start things off, and very nice crowd stayed throughout. The ticket counters said that we had a high of 66 people there at one time! After Jackdog was finished DJ Isobela took the mic and played some beach music for us. Her reminisces about her days as a valley girl surfer chick were quite amusing.

Digby small followed DJ Isobela, and DJ Hy after him. Freestar sang for us after DJ Hy. Freestar also had a display of artwork up. Most of the art had signature copies for sale, but some were one-of-a-kind originals that had contact information for the artist for interested buyers. This was my first time seeing Freestar and I was very impressed; she is quite charismatic. She also sang her Alien Love Song, and I got the t-shirt!

DJ Jocelyn was up next with her usual fantastic show, then she hung around on stage to ogle Mikelec as he sang. Jocelyn referred to the three acts that followed her as an Orgasmic lineup, her 3 favorite groups in the Metaverse. Mikelec had some cool original music and is another one who is good with the crowd. He got a little confused at one point, but Jocelyn straightened things out by telling everyone that "TODAYS' MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL WAS PUT TOGETHER BY THE FANTABULOUS ISOBELA"!

Virtual Live Band followed Mikelec with their own amazing show. It took them a little bit to set up all of their gear after Mikelec cleared his stuff. We had originally planned to have DJs in between each live act so that the stage would be easier to clear and set up, but there were some last-minute changes and the last three acts were all live. When the Virtual Live Band started they really rocked the house. The video screen they had set up was quite cool.

Friendly Fire was the band chosen to close out the nine hours of music at the all-day celebration. The co-owners and musical organizers could not have made a better choice. Ajay and Rosi were the officers for the show; Ajay and her chim found some high ground to stay as a focal point while Rosi worked her way through the crowd swagging the lot of them. They are quite a good team. Our newest officer Dee was around for most of the day and helped out, too.

The Friendly Fire music was simply stunning. They have an extensive collection of songs to choose from, and they carefully orchestrate the order of their chosen songs to create an immersive audio/visual experience. The metaverse is blessed to have them in it. Of course they played I Love This Song! I helped out with Poofer duty some, though either Mack or Ajay handled most of it.

Isobela saw 5 of her cousins at the show, including Stormi; it was almost a family reunion! Hy brought a pet goat to wander the GOAT and help keep the grass cut. Hopefully he'll leave the ornamentals alone. Hmmm, I wonder what Hy named him?

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was everything that I thought it would be and more. I just wish that I had a chance to mingle with the people browsing the artwork so that I could join in their comments and enjoy the art with them. Isobela said that things went better than she could of imagined. The Solstice Festival rocked Bowie. Isobela Rocks the entire Metaverse. I am so proud of her! As Case said on air at the end of the show, "Isobela, Ya Done Good!"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This place is so cool²!

We spent most of the morning and afternoon getting ready for the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival. There were meetings and a lineup change, and helping the artists place their artwork in the area between the GlamShack and the GOAT. Adrian's sculpture is way cool; I bought a copy of it for Isobela right after it was available!

Much of the time was spent hanging out and waiting for artists. Squid was late with his work as usual. SolMyoz1k invited a friend of hers to see her work as she was setting it up, and that friend invited a friend, and so on. It was cool having a crowd checking things out the day before the Festival even started.

Once the last artist was well on their way to finishing Isobela was pretty frazzled, so I treated her to a gift certificate and a shopping trip to Pixel Dolls. I even picked up a few shirts there myself. We went and visited a few other stores and I came away with a new tux and four different color vest and tie combinations.

We went back home and changed, her in her green dress, the one that I bought the green vest to match/ We took my new Pirate row boat on around to the GOAT to check on the artists (guess who rowed the whole way.)

Everyone was set up, so we went over to the GOAT stage to check on it as well. DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy were performing in the GlamShack, and we could hear them from there. DJ Jocelyn made a rather strange request, so I complied, but then it seemed she didn't want it after all. How dizzy. She hasn't been herself much lately.

We were planning on a very busy next day at the festival, and didn't want to spend too much time club-hopping, but we decided to stop in and see DJ Joce and The Tracy for a few minutes before we had to go to work. The Friendly Fire show ended up not happening as we had thought, so we hung around the Shack for a little while longer and then went exploring.

Neither one of us had been to Africa, so we headed there. The first stop was a balloon ride around the whole place. It was awesome; I hadn't been on one before.

Afterwards we visited the waterfall with amazing whitewater rapids at the top, and then went on an inner-tube ride. We tramped all over the place and had a wonderful time

While we were there we found out that my friend Dee was named the newest Friendly Fire Officer! Her coronation will be on Tuesday at the Beach Bum. I called to congratulate her and we chatted for just a bit. She asked that I pass on all the advice that I could, but not right then as she was busy with celebration.

Still on an exploration kick, Isobela and I headed off to the Rainforest; another simply amazing place. Aztec temples and ruins and treehouses and this flower tower thing; giant 60 foot flowers with hidden alcoves in some, hot tubs in others.

Isobela found a secret entrance to a cool room underneath this waterfall and we explored in there some. I found a way out that involved climbing up this sinkhole that brought you out on top of the waterfall. There was a huge tree up there with an awesome treehouse in it, but Isobela got stuck clibing up the tree!

Going anywhere with her is such a wonderful time; the oohs and aahs, the laughs and cries. I am blessed. Life is good.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shack Attack!

DJ Isobela rocked the GlamShack today to begin our slide into the weekend. We had a Hines 57 mix; pretty much any old Rocking thing! King and Queen of Starnoid were there! Tracy and Jenda got into their usual catfight. Innis complimented DJ Isobela on having such a cute hostess. But best of all the asset servers lost Angelsmoon's hiccups! Yay!

Friendly Fire took the stage after DJ Isobela. I had poofer duty again. The Friday Night Train Wreck was a fairly good rendition of Space Cowboy. And of course they played I Love This Song! If they hadn't there likely would have been a riot.

Mack (and Case) made a very generous offer to support Bid 4 A Cure; they said that they would match all donations made during their show! The officers carefully noted the amounts in the donation syringe at the time of the announcement and at the end of the show; a total of L$8278 was raised! The syringe at the GlamShack has the second-highest donation total in it; L$34,733 as of the end of the Friendly Fire show. Journey Island where the goods and services auction was held has the highest.

DJ Hy was next up to bat after Mack and Case. The Tracy was there for a while helping to break in a new GlamShack Hostess, SexyCat! Welcome aboard! mikki showed up so of course chaps were the order of the day. A few of the guys said that they had none, so I whipped up a publicly-accessible Black Chaps and Thong dispenser! It was right in front of the stage during the show, but I placed it near teh Vote box for long-term usage.

DJ Hy played a cut from the new Winwood album is called "Nine Lives". The track was "Dirty City" and was the only one that featured Clapton. Within a few notes Isobela identified the organ as a Hammond; a few minutes later after reading about the song DJ Hy made the announcement that the organ was a Hammond. Isobela knows her musical instruments!

DJ Hy played well overtime, almost a double shift. Both of his hostesses had deserted him, but he kept on. For me it was a hectic day at work and then about seven hours in the Shack. I love this place!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Preparing the GOAT

I bought a nice set of Italianate Harness plate mail with a Milanese armet. I'm very happy with it, but I'll probably need at least one more fitting to get it set just right. I'm using my Hospitaller's shield with it right now, and that seems to work well, but I do need a lance.

I also need barding for Glam too. The poor guy is a little jealous of me in my armor, and if he's going to be carrying me around he wants some armor of his own. I talked with the people who own the ranch that he came from, and they suggested getting a new horse to carry the armor. I'm sure Glam can handle the weight, though. Other shops offer barding, so I'll have to spend some more time shopping I guess. In the meantime perhaps I could find a Hospitaller blanket for him.

Isobela has been very busy working on the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival slated for 22 Jun 08 at 8am SLT. It will be on Bowie South on the grounds of the GlamShack and GlamNation Open Aire Theatre; likely the first show ever at the GOAT. The musical lineup is

8am - LIVE Jackdog
9am - DJ Isobela
10am - LIVE Digby
11am - DJ Gwen
12pm - LIVE VLB
1pm - DJ Hy
2pm - LIVE Mikelec
3pm - DJ Jocelyn
4pm - LIVE Friendly Fire

The area between the GlamShack and GOAT will be filled with featured art by Adrian, Misprint, Cataplexia, BryneDarkly, Ahkums, Lanlee and Izikael. I've been amazed by Adrian's work before, and am looking forward to what he'll have here, but I'm especially interested in seeing what Missy and Cat come up with. I'm sure the others are no slouches either, else they wouldn't have made it through the vetting process; they will all be grand.

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival is a GlamNation and Capalini Productions presentation. The Tester proudly flies the GlamNation pennant atop her main mast! This is going to be so cool.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glam me an Elevator!

Jenda stopped by and helped us with some paperwork dealing with our land ownership. Everything is cool now, Isobela can stop worrying. And harassing. And complaining. Jenda Rocks!

I went shopping for more medieval stuff. Window-shopping, mostly. I'm thinking about buying a set of field plate and barding. Good ones are very expensive so I'm looking around and finding out all I can about them. It's a challenge, though; some of the stores seem to go out of their way to stop you from getting to their showrooms!

DJ Isobela was plating at the new and improved GlamShack for her regular Wednesday night show. We've pass the tipping point towards our Friday slide into the weekend! It was extremely quiet the first hour, the Friendly Fire show likely taken most of our potential customers. Master of Disguises Alaska stopped by for a little bit to check out the new digs, and Avimia hung around for a bit too.

Mack and Case showed up after their show, plus Dee, Ajay, Timmmy, Troll and Amanda, and a couple of others. Someone had put some money in the Sploder, and a bunch of us followed suit, but the dern thing malfunctioned! Well, it either malfunctioned or that The Tracy fiddled with it so as not to pay out. It was stopped up good, I tried my MP5 on it, full auto, plus flaming arrows and nothing would get it to dislodge those coins! Our world isn't perfect, but it is home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hosting at the Savoy!

I took a long lunch break and went exploring the Acropolis Gardens with Isobela. It's a six-hectare Nature Park with many nooks and crannies, sandy beaches, streams and meadows to wander around in. A very cool place.

Later I was almost late getting to the Savoy for DJ Isobela's show. Jenda had taken over as hostess for Kimala, who couldn't make it this week. Jenda had some business of her own that needed attending to, so as soon as I got there she asked me to take over.

There was a little confusion on the turnover, she gave me a name tag that said "Hostess" and had a sorry story about how they were out of ones that said "Host". Eventually she found one for me, and the evening was quite a blast.

Things really picked up in the second half of the show. Hy danced with just about every girl there! Well OK, two. But it would have been three if Megan hadn't chastely been waiting in her white gown for Peenut! The Tracy eventually showed up and drug Hy off, but not before he got enough ideas for his Thursday night show.

Megan and Peenut danced for a bit after he showed up, but then had to leave for Megan to Hostess for DJ Daddie at the GlamShack. It's pretty cool that you can see the GlamShack all lit up from the dock, as it is, of the Savoy!

Kimala will be back to hostess next week, and hopefully they will have the names tags sorted out by then. It was fun to be able to support the DJ as I could, she had an excellent set lined up and went almost an hour overtime. Another wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starbrook's Coffeehouse

I received a nice note from my friend Taliesin today. He called and we talked about Isobela. Seems she had been telling tales about be and I needed a chance for a rebuttal.

I was able to get Isobela's bedroom set unpacked, wasn't as heavy as I had feared. I also went shopping with my gift certificate, but couldn't find a thing to spend it on. We discussed it passed it on to a good family friend.

Later I tried my hand at medieval weapons. A friend is a Druid and can't seem to bring herself to use any of the normal hacking/slashing weapons that are so common around these parts. I need something deadly, but ladylike. This ought to be fun!

I arrived at Starbrook's Coffeehouse 10 minutes early for Luigi's show, and Quinton was playing guitar and singing. Apparently Ceedj had played before Quinton, too. When Quinton was done instead of Luigi we listened to Raspbury. I'm not sure what happened to Luigi's show, but Raspbury was very good too. He even had some original songs.

Luigi showed up half-way into Raspbury's show and danced with someone, Maximillion passed by to listen as well. Isoebla stopped by too and we danced. We had a very intriguing conversation where she taught me all about tea leaf buds and how important they are to the quality of a tea. What an amazing, multi-talented girl! Life rocks.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Luigi Live at Starbrook’s Coffeehouse!

Late breaking news! The very first live musical act (besides Isobela singing and forgetting her mic was on) at Starbrook’s Coffeehouse will be on Monday, 16 June 2008 from 8-9pm SLT! Appearing with Luigi will be his guitar, Chet! I plan to be there, and hope to see you, too!

Bid 4 Goodies!

The last stop on my rounds this morning was the new GlamShack. While I was there I put a diving board, well really a diving platform, on the dock facing east towards the small lagoon. This was quite a feat as my second-to-last stop was Starbrooks Coffee House. Do you have any idea how difficult testing a triple-flip is without spilling any of your cappuccino?

The Bid 4 A Cure Goods and Services Auction was on Journey Island today. They had set up a small stage and podium in the middle of the dance floor and Isobela was up there doing all of the auctioneering. It was very difficult work, requiring constant attention to details and planning ahead while working the crowd, and she sailed on through it without breaking a sweat. I am so proud of her!

I was able to win the main thing that I (Isobela) wanted from the auction, the DJ Bill /DJ Crighton two hour private party in the Savoy Jazz Club Skybox! It was rough; I was in a bidding war with Hy but managed to edge him out. We'll probably invite him, along with Hare who happened to mentioned that she liked Jazz too!

I also bid on and won a Body Doubles Gift certificate. Mack prompted me to bid on this one; I have no idea why but it was for a good cause so I did. The third thing that I won was an Aphrodite Bedroom set from Ambiance Interactive Furnishings. Isobela had mentioned that she liked it, but had concerns about the weight of all of the items that the set contains. We'll just have to see once we unpack it.

The surprise bid of the show, at least for me, was L$80,000 for a show by Maximilian! During the Friendly Fire auction I started the bidding at 25 but LCdr Rosinante quickly raised it to 27, too rich for me. She eventually won them for a fairly steep price, but then a personal show by Mack and Case is a bargain at any price!

Hare won Adrian's amazing, one of a kind sculpture. I had started the bidding off, but she really, really wanted it! Farr won DJ Jocelyn, or at least a show by her. Mack won this awesome guitar, a hand-crafted Thadovian that I had wanted also. I'll have to pass by his shop and see if he has any others. Cataplexia beat me out for this lovely black satin dress. Someone in the crowd said that it would probably have made my butt look big anyway, but I wasn't bidding on it for me, honest!

My friend Viola showed up near the end of the show; it was real good to see her again. There were many people that I hadn't seen in a while showing up. Journey Island was an ideal place to hold the event, it was able to handle the crowd without any complaints that I heard of people not being able to get in.

Towards the end of the auction the items for bidding were all out of order from the program; it seems like we may have missed one or two. The auction sure took a long time, too; I think people started to get tired. Maybe we should break up the good and services into two auctions next year?

The Friendly Fire show was postponed because the auction lasted much longer than expected. It didn't look like DJ Jocelyn's Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness would be happening either, when the final gavel was swung Farr just turned on the radio. Everyone who had been there the entire time was simply exhausted. We went straight home and crashed. Another wonderful day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I said to myself

Isobela needed some more promotional pictures of herself for her DJing gigs, so I tagged along while she took them. I took a few snaps myself, but hers turned out so much better.

Later we visited the Cyber Licious Exotic Art Galleri. This was the art gallery that Isobela had stumbled upon while we were clothes shopping the other day; oddly enough I had saved the directions to the place. It was smaller than I had first though, but very nice all the same. Isobela especially liked the black & whites, and I had to agree.

There was a couple of statues there that looked pretty cool. I read their note card and found out that their creator has a store called Rome Depot. When we finished at the gallery we headed over there. They had the statues that we liked, and many others.

There were also many greco-roman columns and other architectural pieces for sale that Isobela was interested in. And of course pools and fountains, which reminded us that we have a sauna on Elfie Beach that we have never used. There were a couple of good shows going on in the evening, but with the crazy few weeks leading up to the new GlamShack's opening and the chaos of opening night we decided we needed a break.

The sauna is hidden behind a waterfall in a wonderful little grotto that Isobela created. It's an amazingly peaceful, restful place. It was especially cool with a whole crowd of people 100 yards away listening to DJ Joce in the GlamShack. We had a wonderful time soaking and chatting and enjoying the wonderful world that we live in. Life is good.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guitarasms at the New GlamShack

On my daily rounds as I left Gestures by Mack and automatically headed South there seemed to me something wrong. I realized that the skyline had changed. As I kept going I realized what that change was; the old GlamShack was gone! I hovered and said a small farewell to my old friend.

We could see the spotlights from the new Shack lighting up the sky from our front porch as we were getting ready for the show. I had been working for a couple days to get the group notices just right, and after running them by Isobela I sent the first batch out. We popped over the hills to the Shack and started greeting people as they came in early. There was an amazing crowd before we started, a giant dragon even stopped by!

Dragon Nef told us that he has the longest and most talented tongue we've ever seen. Of course the GlamShack crowd immediately started hypothesizing about what a dragon might do to itself with such a tongue, and the financial implications of such an ability. Synapse shared an important safety tip: "Just don't stand under the only THINK pigeons are bad."

Some of the comments that I overheard about the new GlamShack were "This place looks so good", "This place is badass looking!", "You've done a great job", "OMG i LOVE the name of the sim ;)", "Someone has been very busy building", "It looks great!" Plus as Case noted, the GOAT was Isobela's doing.

DJ Isobela had an incredible playlist from the top 100 Rock and Roll songs of all time, as listed by Rolling Stone magazine. The first song ever played in the New GlamShack was by the Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want! Everyone loved the music, I don't think there were any requests for any other songs all night. DJ Isobela had timed her show exquisitely and ended right on the top of the hour as Mack and Case were set to continue the party,

I got the first Poof at the New GlamShack! Call Guinness! Order me a pallet of their finest! I triggered Mack's after mine. DJ Jocelyn was on hand to remind everyone that Friendly Fire will be on the auction block for Bid 4 A Cure; she was there to drop off a new donation syringe.

Mack and Case really sounded good with the new sound system; their songs and strings were crystal clear. They played Pr0nography, which I don't think that I've heard in a while, and of course I LOVE THIS SONG! When the fantabulous DJ Isobela was playing the top 100 Rock songs I kept waiting for I LOVE THIS SONG! to come up; but it didn't! Those silly people at Rolling Stone magazine must be deaf! Stairway to Heaven was the Friday Night Train Wreck. It gave Viola a songasm!

DJ Hy had a special guitar-oriented playlist for the grand opening. What a cool idea! The songs were all fantastic. Megan showed up to host for DJ Hy; she is pretty good at that for someone of such a tender age. She even has her picture up on the wall of the new GlamShack along with all of the other hosts, DJs and Friendly Fire Officers.

Isobela and I stayed for most of the show but then had to leave; we were exhausted. The past couple of weeks getting the new GlamShack and GOAT ready have really taken a toll on us. I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend where we can catch up again.

The new Shack sure is cool, though. DJ Isobela cut it's cord, Mack and Case delivered it and DJ Hy spanked it's bare bottom to get it's lungs going. The place really took a beating, though; when we left things were starting to come loose. The place will likely be nothing but a pile of puckered prims by the morning!

Wishing you always walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
And the love and laughter of those you hold dear.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ground Hogs and Woodchucks

I went to check on the new GlamShack today, DJ Isobela is opening there on Friday. Mack was scurrying about putting on final touches and fretting about everything; Hy was there too but he was napping.

I caught up with Isobela at the At Last club high above Newfangled. We had a good time listening to DJ Crighton and dancing. DJ Isobela will be starting a blues show there this Monday from 2-4; not quite a prime-time spot but new DJs have to start somewhere.

Later we went on The Great Marine Adventure & Treasure Hunt that Isobela had found. It was quite awesome. At the start they had free diving gear that you could use but we both opted to use our own. We went down the tunnel and underwater and swan around all these narrow canyons, dodging Great White sharks and a killer octopi. We finally found the treasure near the old shipwreck. They had everything glued down, though; no free samples.

We had to hurry and change out of our wet stuff to make it to The Chuckling Priestman Comedy Club in time to see Innis' show. We found some front-row seats in the balcony just as the announcer was starting off. He had a couple of cute observations about differences between the old country and the metaverse and then Innis was u

He was hilarious. He made many observations about life in the metaverse, and had brought along a large picture viewer to help illustrate things as he went along. There were many penile jokes; I laughed my ass off. The spotlights were very distracting, though, and I bet they were very hot on him. We stayed for part of the next guy's show, but his act still needs some polishing.

We finished up at the Savoy listening to the jazz and blues of DJ Hy. We made it there just in time to hear his ground hog and woodchuck set! It was spectacular! I hope he makes it a regular part of his show like I Love This Song is for Mack and Case. A fine ending to another wonderful day in our amazing world.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ivy: They eloped in full view!

The Fantabulous One was working at the GlamShack, spinning out the Rock fast and furious! It was the last show for DJ Isobela at the GlamShack in Joiner; her next gig will be opening the brand-new GlamShack in Bowie! DJ Crighton will have the very last show in the old GlamShack on Thursday, as long as he can dodge that nasty weather that is.

We had a light crowd at first, very light, so Isobela and I were chatting. We were mostly chatting about our upcoming nuptials, a common topic nowadays. We had no solid plans, and I mentioned that the extended engagement was starting to bother me. She had the gall to say that she was waiting on me, so as she was troubleshooting some of her DJ stuff I got a Justice of the Peace on the line and got everything ready.

By now Hy, Mack, Case and Yesika were in the Shack. When Isobela had fixed the problem with the sound system I asked her if she was sure, then conferenced in the Justice and we did the deed! We're now officially hitched! I looked at her name on my profile, then my name on hers, and back and forth about a million times. She has made me so incredibly happy.

I couldn't keep it a secret, so I whispered to Hy to check out my profile where he saw what we had done. I was hoping that he would spread the good news around, but I didn't make myself clear. The next time that Isobela gets on the microphone she mentions it, though, and everyone freaks out. Case immediately puts the word out on the Glamnation and Friendly Fire teletypes, and a crowd of well-wishers was passing through the rest of the night.

Case: "I now pronounce you Rock and Roll." Willa: "Awwwwww! sooooo sweeeet!" Ajay is picking her jaw up from the floor. Case: "Rock on you two, very happy for you!" Yesika: "That was beautiful!" Isobela: "OMG we eloped to the GLAMSHACK!"

Ever the professional, DJ Isobela was hawking the Bid 4 A Cure charity drive. curm mentioned that he had said he would help months ago, but hadn't heard anything since. This led us to come up with an updated list of Auctionees (carefully validated by Mack): Jocelyn, Rosie, Farr, Argus, Case, Mack, Jenda, Tracy, Anutte, Isobela, Tycho, Arcadian, Curmudgeon, Ajay, Adrian, Freestar, MiaSnow, Vicki, Throughthesewalls and Maximillion.

Bid 4 A Cure is not only for a good cause, it is alot of fun. Well, it's fun as long as you haven't been running yourself ragged over it like Isobela and Padula have. Anyway, with the cast of characters we had in the shack things soon degenerated into "I'm going to win you at auction and do {this}!" "Oh yeah? Well I'm going to win you and do {this!}!"

curm was pretty jealous; turns out that he was about to propose to me! We agreed to put off pursuing that until another life. Actually I think the agreement was for a third life. In this life, I am now complete. I am ecstatic, overjoyed, and the luckiest man in the Metaverse!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Tycho Beresford Agency was retained by an un-named benefactor to look into reports of wide-spread griefer attacks at the metaverse-renowned gesture store in Joiner. Using highly-technical investigative techniques (Prim-Penetrating Radar) to locate the source of the attack, our intrepid detective was able to discover a fiendishly-clever invisible device that was the source of the horrid blossoms of yellow smiley faces. The vile perpetrator is one Mackenzie; she was assisted in her fiendish plot by the maker of the device, the heinous Brooke! When Tycho's report goes in, justice shall be served. Here is a photograph of the insidious attack in progress:

I went shopping for more medieval gear and bought a sword that goes well with my shield. I took it topside for some weapons practice and am much better at close combat now. It's not so much the new sword as having time to practice, and to develop the muscle-memory.

I had heard that merry had a cool place called the Merry Inn; I'd been meaning to check it out for a while and finally got the chance. As it turned out, I had directions to the old Merry Inn! Luckily my friend Kimberly happened by and showed me where the new one was. It is a pretty cool place; a dance hangout for friends. There were about a half-dozen people there, including merry herself. I danced and chatted for a while, then headed out for more exploring.

Things are just about done at the new GlamShack; things will be ready for Friday's opening. Plans are for DJ Isobela to be the first one to perform there at 4. After all of the work she put in here and at the GOAT she deserves it. I have our couples dance aid set up in there, but don't really like the placement; maybe Mack can help me find a better spot for it. I built a short-cut from our patio straight to the GlamShack floor so Isobela doesn't have to worry about flying over the mountains or sailing all of the way around. This is going to be a kick!

Wednesday, though, DJ Isobela Capalini was spinning her fabulous collection of blues at the Savoy. This week she previewed The Mannish Boys' killer new album plus a few by the Home Made Jams Blues Band to a very good sized crowd; according to curm it was "a very foxy crowd" too! One of the foxes, Shadows, observed of the DJ "Well, I give you that you've got a voice that could talk a hungry fox off the back of a meat truck."

Shadows was on piano for most of the night, with Squiffy on bass, curm and his smooth moves on the dance floor and Kimala doing some ironing for curm while they danced. As soon as Crighton showed up Kimala dumped curm like a used tissue though, and stopped ironing for him too. curm lamented how Tracy wanted to kill him after his comment about they way her dress made her look, Kim wanted to kill him for telling stories during their dance, Crighton wanted to kill him for dancing with Kim, Isobela wanted to kill him because he's annoying, Tycho wanted to kill him so he wouldn't have to mention him in his blog, and Ajay wanted to kill him for mentioning her bald spots. All true, though I think that Tracy will be coming after me first because my comment was a bit more incisive.

Megan has agreed to work with me hosting tomorrow night at the GlamShack. I'd like her to help me improve my hosting skills; I want to get good enough to deserve to work next to DJ Isobela. One of my plans is to ride her coat-tails to fame and fortune. But for now, it's just three days until the opening of the new GlamShack. I can't wait. Life is good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I built a weapons testing area today, safely up at 600 meters, straight above our skybox. The Medieval weapons that I am starting to use are just enough different from those I used in the Korat environs that I will need to acquire a whole new set. Arrows in flight seem to drop alot more now, which makes sense as the gravity around Korat was less, but it sure complicates the targeting problem.

We are still having problems with our seahorses running away, so after corresponding with the shop's customer service representative I brought them in for obedience training. That went very smoothly, so I have high-hopes they will just swim where they are supposed to now. Time will tell.

Later we went window-shopping at Chaospire. We had been looking for Druid clothes for a friend of ours, and they had a nice set there. They also had Joce-style lingerie, Victorian Camibloomers! All sorts of other neat clothes, too; but kinda pricy.

We spent the bulk of the evening at Shangri-La Resort in Mailbu Isles dancing. I had heard about Shangri-La from it's owner at a Friendly Fire gig some time back. I had visited back then briefly, and noted the address, then recently came across the address again. I headed over a few days ago to see how things were and noted the nice, small couples dance area that had been set up. Well it turns out that Isobela had talked with the Shangri-La owner as well, and even briefly visited. She didn't know about he dance floor, though; so that was a nice surprise.

Shangri-La is a really nice place; there is a beach with good surf, high cliffs that you can dive from into a lagoon, scuba opportunities, a decent sized regular dance floor and the special couples one. I brought up the hypothetical question of where would Friendly Fire set up if they were to play there, after discussing it we decided a platform in the lagoon would be the only viable option. We stayed there dancing and chatting all night; as we were leaving a I noticed a faint glow in the East. We are blessed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kids Nowadays

I wandered by the new GlamShack today to check on progress and stepped into the middle of an owner’s meeting. They said it was OK for me to stay; they had already talked about me. Mack mentioned that Case hadn't seen the dock area yet, so I hung around to see his reaction to Isobela's powerboat. After the meeting he and Mack went to look. He didn't say much, though Mack said "I thought something that big had to come from one of you guys!"

I missed Innis' comedy show; the time zone thing threw me off. I've pretty much gotten a handle on addition, but that subtraction thing is a killer. I was able to make it over to We Will Meet Again beach on Journey Island to hear DJ Farr, ably assisted by his hostess the lovely and talented Argus. It was almost all the Journey regulars there. They were having a contest for Best in Yellow; I put my Corona hoodie with the Case sleeves on to fit in, but didn't join the contest as I arrived so late. Cisco won for the guys with a giant banana costume and Gunny won for the gals in a yellow track-suit looking thing.

Later on Isobela and I did some more clothes-shopping for me; I didn't get anything this time but did see some really nice stuff at Husky GFX. When we were done there we had trouble getting transportation home, so Isobela suggested we try from the area next door. When we walked over we found the most amazing art gallery! I hope to write about it in a future update; how she finds places like this amazes me.

Friendly Fire was playing their normal opening for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness in the Escape Club. Mack and Case were donating all of their tips to Bid 4 A Cure Ya know that line Case sings that goes ""Still have the capacity to Surprise!"? Well Mack sure surprised us tonight; she showed up in Purple Hair!

Mack had remembered her poofer, and Isobela got into the poofing too! Poofs were ricocheting off the walls, left and right, endangering life and limb! I'll have to re-think their effective range and possibly distribute an update.

Friendly Fire played 23 Skideaux and I Love This Song! Those are almost mandatory nowadays. Megan's boyfriend Peenut, who we've heard so much about, finally made an appearance with her. Instead of dancing with him the crazy girl went zooming around the club with her arms outstretched, pretending she was a jet airplane! Kids nowadays; jeez!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness was hosted by Jendalicious tonight, plus of course the fantastic music was provided by the incomparable DJ Jocelyn. No real theme that I can recall, just alot of good Rock. There was some minor speculation about whether she would she or wouldn't she drop an F-Bomb again; I don't think that will happen again anytime soon.

Isobela and I caught most of her show then headed out to listen to Heath play piano in Club Neptune at the bottom of Angel Shark Shallows. He put on a wonderful show as always, but Isobela and I were the only ones dancing! They have re-done Club Neptune making it much bigger and better, and that giant octopus still hovers outside watching everyone.

We hardly ever get to hear Heath, so each time is a treat. This show was advertised as one of the old-fashioned ones, so I'm guessing he has a new format, too. It would be good to get to see him more, but things have been so hectic lately. By the end of the month things should be easing off. There is always something to look forward to, plus there are always new and exciting adventures popping up. I love this place. Life is good.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gulls and Glam

I had been pretty upset about my seagull flying off last night, so I went back to Animania to get another. I was very careful when releasing this one, and he took to the air like a champ! He was flying lazy circles over the inlet, carefully away from both the Tester and the patio. I'm gonna have to be careful when I go to get my surf board, though.

A little while later I heard a noise looked up and there was a second seagull there! The one from yesterday had come back! I guess he just wanted a friend. That got me to thinking, and I looked under water and sure enough there were two seahorses there, too! I guess most things do better in pairs, but I'm a little hesitant to get another shark. The one we have now has been very well behaved, despite our false accusations of seahorse-snacking, and I don't want to push our luck.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching Elven lands and lore. I visited many different areas and am starting to get a good feel as to what they are about. Isobela called me away, though; they had put in a new dock for the new GlamShack and wanted to see how the Tester and Hy's boat - I need to find out her name- fit there. Well they fit fine, after a little dredging work.

After that we all went to the Bid 4 A Cure rehearsal at the DJ Hangout to listen to DJ Jocelyn. All the plans seem to be coming along; more artists signing up, donation syringes in more locations, and plans for the auctions being finalized.

Later Isobela went back to working on the new GlamShack. I went off for more research and eventually found myself in the Elf Heartlands watching an arena tournament. The combatants were limited to using magi staves to bonk each other into submission with. There were only about 16 people there, maybe half of them for combat. The rest were support staff for the tournament such as referees or healers, or spectators like myself.

There were good-sized cash prizes for the first three places; it's too bad I didn't get here in time to sign up or I may have had a shot at one. Plus, the contestants were provided weapons for the fight to make sure they were even, and they were allowed to keep the weapons! Very cool. Funtastic beat out Bomberbomb for first place, with Varvara coming in at third.

Isobela had managed to join me for the last part of the tournament. Later we went shopping at Kayliwulf Kingdom and picked up some demo items. Then it was back home for more work on skybox hot tub; it seemed to have sprung a leak, and is having other problems as well. We probably should use it more.

We officered for the Friendly Fire show at BBA ALL-STARS FASHION EXPO 2008 In support of Relay for Life. DJ Shayla had played a double shift before Mack and Case because the schedule act between hers and theirs couldn't make it; what a trooper. Isobela had written the group notices for the show and the initial one had Case blinking!

The Expo was all over the place, but the show itself was at a nice, open-air place called Club Usonia. Mack was at the top of her game as was the guitar god. Of course they played 23 Skideaux and I Love This Song! Mack even remembered her poofer, between the three of us the place was fully poofed!

The crowd language got a little out of hand though, very immature. These nice ladies were trying to raise money for cancer research by selling some clothes that they had made and some asshole has to go and be a jerk in front of them. I was ashamed.

Shelindrea sang country and western after Friendly Fire; Isobela and I hung around for a little of that then headed out. We had a very productive evening, significantly improving our dancing skills. I can't wait to show them off in the new GlamShack. We learned three Tangos, a waltz, plus three fancy dances called Suede, Bowled Over, and Push Me Pull You.

Case had sent a message that he has a new boat, so when we got back to Bowie we went to take a look. Unfortunately, even though it was brand-new, it had sprung a leak. Isobela and I patched the leak as best we could so it wouldn't sink, but there is still some water in the cockpit.

With all of these boats docked at the GlamShack Isobela decided to put hers there too. They were kinda running out of dockage, so Isobela double-parked next to Case's boat with her boat; and also double-parked next to Hy's boat, and had some overhang on both ends. Isobela's boat has like twelve of those Space-Shuttle engines on it. When she takes it for a spin, the whole world rocks!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Rez Day LexiMae!

On my rounds today I saw Fluffy at Club Casa Blanco, she thanked me for the vote. I told her that we had missed her last night and that Case was the one who drank all the booze in the bar; I had nothing to do with it. For some strange reason she believed me and said that she would have words with him.

DJ Isobela spun her tunes at the GlamShack today. I continued the tradition I started last Friday of making group notices for her with a "This day in History" theme. Last week was Joan of Arc; this week the Normandy invasion. It doesn't seem to be doing much good though; we didn't pull much of a crowd. The GlamShack seems to be a hard spot for DJs, plus Mack and Case were playing at LexiMae's Rez Day party for the first half of the show.

After DJ Isobela finished up her fantabulous sets Friendly Fire took the stage. Case announced that this would be their last show in that particular building because Friday the 13th will be their debut performance at the new GlamShack! They played 23 Skideaux, the train wreck was "I used to love her, but I had to kill her" and of course they sang "I Love This Song!"

A couple of mermaids showed up and rocked with us, including one of the rare blue-haired ones. Blue hair rawks! Dj Hy was running a little late so we were blessed with a few more train wrecks, Stray Cat Strut and a few others, Case's Scottish drinking song, and a reprise of 23 Skideaux - the guitar god's new favorite song! Eventually Hy had to cancel for the week, but he'll be back next week.

Later Isobela and I went to Baiastice & Artransfer Gallery. Comments included "WOW", "very cool", "euu this is like Borg", "I like the embryo fossil in the middle", "this is a great gallery", "wow it's great!" and "I can't figure out what this is, but don't think I'm supposed to!" There was a clothing store adjacent so of course we had to browse there, too.

Later it was back to Animania. Isobela bought another seahorse and I bought a fourth clown fish and a sea gull. On the way hmoe we checked out the new GlamShack. There's still some work to be done, but it's looking good. Then it was a quick pop over the mountain and I was ready to let our new creatures explore their new home.

The clown fish took right to things with his friends and the seahorse seemed a bit unsure at first but eventually settled in. I had a problem with the seagull though; I kinda accidentally released him underwater like I did with the fish and he took real exception to that. He squawked a few times at me and then took off into the wild blue yonder! He even dumped a load on the Tester that feathery rat!

After cleaning off my schooner Isobela and I went over to Starbrook's Coffeehouse on Moxie to play On A Roll. Innis stopped by and chatted for a bit, he and Jenda had found one of the curtains that had blown off of our dance pavilion laying underwater in some corner of Moxie. He told Isobela wqhere it was so she could get it later.

With the luck of the Irish Isobela won the first On A Roll game 3-1 with TWO Yahtzees! I came back strong in the second game and took it 3-1 (with only one yahtzee.) As it was getting late, we decided on a tiebreaker instead of another full game; the first one with a run wins. Full houses were very good to me. Life is good.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Double Fire

A traveler passed on to me that Korat City had been destroyed in an earthquake. Although I fully trusted the good man, I had to go see myself. There was nothing left of it. Absolutely nothing. Amazing.

I will still keep in touch with my friends from that milieu, but I am joining Isobela in going medieval, Tolkienesque -style. I'll need to do some significant studying, plus some shopping. I bought a new sword and short bow to practice with, and even an archery target that I set up in the front yard. I'm sure I'll be buying better stuff soon, but these allow me to start getting used to these types of weapons and make a better choice for later ones.

Friendly Fire was playing back-to-back gigs today! The first was at Fibbers. I love the place, but it seems every time that I turn around in there nowadays there's another tip jar. All was well though because they played I Love This Song! I barely had my poofer going at the right time; I almost missed it because I was sending notices for next show. Mack and Case poofed too! Woot!

Case kept talking about my blog during the show. I properly placed the blame on Ajay for getting me to start it. There was also lots of reminiscing about the old Fibber's; the spirit is the same. Isobela repeated a phrase often heard in the old Fibbers; "Doesn't get any better then this."

The second Friendly Fire show was the regular Thursday-night gig at Club Casa Blanco. This is where we know that we've passed the tipping point and are starting our slide into the weekend. There were no bartenders or managers present, so we kinda helped ourselves to the booze. Some rabble-rousers called for destruction of private property, but the crowd was genteel. And drunk. Mack even remembered to pack up her poofer and bring it with her from Fibber's!

I was even able to hear I Love This Song again! Isobela and I had a side conversation about that song. I suggested that it would be cool to win a Friendly Fire show in the Bid 4 A Cure auction and then make them play that song for an hour straight. She agreed wholeheartedly!

After the show we headed over to the Savoy, which is becoming our favorite wind-down spot. We took the Tester over, but again had problems at the dock. It just wasn't intended to handle 70-foot schooners.

DJ Hy was playing Blues to a small crowd. The Savoy isn't a place to go for a wild and crazy time; it's for slow-dancing and enjoying the music and relaxation. Oh, and for all you single guys? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


That griefer attack is still going on at Mack's store. Horrid yellow smiley faces are being plastered everywhere, they are even flying through the air! I don't know why she doesn't report them to the authorities.

Isobela and I worked today on making Crystals with a capitol 'C'. She had seen some at Botanicals but was unable to buy them. Obviously they were enchanted. She wanted some anyway, to light the pathway she had finished from the beach to the dance pavilion. We both started building and together we came up with the pieces parts for a passable effort.

DJ Isobela was playing at the GlamShack, so we had an evening of fantastic Rock and Roll! The first half of the show was kinda lightly-attended; Friendly Fire was playing at the Point at the same time. Aradia stopped by, dripping blood from her left hand, looking for a job application. At first glance she might fit in as a hostess; we'll have to see. Hy showed up and said he dug my Rock and Roll tip jar!

Mack and Case stopped by after their show and things livened up, in fact they got Chaptastic! When talk first turned to chaps Hy and I started looking around for mikki, but they were actually Missy's idea. Missy also demonstrated various prim reduction technologies and was quite the hit! It was teh best of times. Life is good.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who wrote that thing?

This afternoon Isobela and I spent some time lazing around on Elfie beach. I had tried different tanning spots on the rocks at the base of the waterfall, and then we laid out a beach towel and got to some serious sunning. I had lost track of the time when we received the notice that Friendly Fire was playing at the Beach Bum.

I like to play a little game with notices that neither Isobela nor I write; I won't look at the author's name I'll just read the note and try and figure out who wrote it. Well this one had me stumped. The only thing I could figure was that Ajay had her 6-year old write it. When I looked at the author's name it was Case. Well that explains that.

Wait a minute, Case? Why is he sending out the notice? And sending it so late? Where are the assigned officers? So I pull up my schedule, find out who was assigned to that show, do a quick scan for them and they are no where to be found in the Metaverse! Mack and Case are trying to play without any officers present! A catastrophe in the making!

I jump up and get dressed with my red officer's shirt and rush over to help. Isobela comes too, but since she will have to leave early to get to her show at the Savoy she dressed for that. We get there just before the show starts, and Isobela and I were able to meet and greet, swag and tag until first one then the other assigned officers show up and take over.

The show itself was glamtastic. GoGo has a kitty condo now! I feel a new song coming on. Mack forgot her poofer again; luckily the prevailing winds took mine and Case's across the whole of the dance floor. Mack might be losing her license to operate that thing if she doesn't get some quality operational time in on it.

We were blessed to hear 23 Skiddoo twice! Plus of course they played I Love This Song! The Beach Bum management had made some changes to the stage and dance floor. Case said they liked the stage, but the dance floor kept having intermittent power issues where it would grey out. Hopefully they'll have it fixed by next week.

After the show Mack and Case headed home for dinner while I headed to the Savoy to listen to the bluesy tunes of DJ Isobela. She played favorites from the album Shades of Blue by Kirk Fletcher plus a bunch of good requests.

I had a very nice chat with Hare; we hadn't talked in ages. Ajay stopped by in this humongous dress. How a little slip of a girl could carry that big thing around is beyond me. Aeryn was there; and Jenda ran in, stole some candles off of the tables on the pier, and ran off again. Hy and Tarcy stopped by, too. We all had a great time dancing, chatting, and committing petty theft.

Oh, and someone is expecting. Twins. And it's not Isobela.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere!

I found a tool called Pupeteer to help me make a Rock and Roll tip jar. It is way cool. Isobela laughed her ass off. I can't wait to unveil it Wednesday at the Shack when I host for the Fantabulous One. Hopefully it will bring a smile to someone's face.

Isobela worked more on Elfie Island, mainly with a grotto and lots of waterfalls. I helped her setting up yet another hot tub. I'm dreading our water bill this month.

I received cold word from Korat today that my services were no longer desired. What a loss for them. I guess the Tatrix has a very short memory. I should have known something was amiss my first day there when they said they would teach me honor. I shall not stain my sword with the blood of the likes of these.

I was able to put up a sign on my island. I need more meditation time there, but who doesn't need more time. Such is life.

After we finished building for the night we relaxed in the hilltop bungalow. The sun was setting over the sea. The waterfalls softly strummed an accompaniment to our quiet conversations. Life is good.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Friendly Fire was playing at Escape Club headlining the kick off of Bid 4 a Cure, a Diabetes Foundation charity event. All of their tips were donated to this worthy cause. They also sang a brand-new song, written just yesterday, called 23 Skidoo! It was very good, though in my personal opinion I think Love This Song! is a little better still. They also played Cadillac City, though Case always gets the name of that song wrong for some reason.

Mack finally remembered to bring her poofer! Isobela, or somebody took the controls for my poofer so I could operate Mack's. Thanks, whoever you were! We were also blessed to have a celebrity amongst us, Innis related how Arsinoe won the metaverse Golf Championship!

Friendly Fire will be auctioning themselves off as part of the month-long Bid 4 a Cure events. Ajay suggested all of the Friendly Fire officers band together to bid on Mack and Case. Isobela asked what we would do with them if we won, quite a good question. I thought we might pay them not to play, but curm wanted Case in his dungeon, in chains. Hmmm, comer to think of it, we could win them and give them to curm and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

DJ Joceyln Sands, the driving force behind Bid 4 A Cure, took over after Mack and Case. Oh, and I think Tarcy was around somewhere, too. In addition to playing her usual fantastic mix of tunes DJ Joce talked about all of the events that will be going on during the month. In addition to auctions for live artists and DJs, many builders and designers are donating items and works of art. The 'tip jar' for Bid 4 A Cure is syringe-shaped and was made by Adrian. We share syringes when it comes to donating to Bid4

Later Isobela and I went shopping at LVS & Company. I had seen some nice tuxes there and needed a second opinion. Both had black coats and pants, colored vest and a white ruffled shirt, we decided on the one with the longer tails. What was really cool about this place was that once you bought a tux with one color vest you could get the other colored vests individually; you didn't have to buy a whole new set just to get a different colored vest like some other places do.

I ended up with a tux with red, green and blue vests. They also had many ladies dresses in colors that perfectly match the men's vests; Isobela bought a green one. We went home and tried them on and bot did we look spiffy! We'll be wearing them on the Tester to the Savoy so they might get a little saltwater on them; I sure hope they aren't dry-clean only!

We almost went to the Savoy, but it was rather late; a brand new work was was about to start. I had a short, but very happy day in the Metaverse. Plus, Case is a guitar god and his new song 23 Skidoo rawks!