Friday, February 8, 2008

3 Cheerleaders

I went to AmorePacific for a haircut and massage today. You had to go out in their fields and harvest some tea leaves, go into their lab and use the tea leaves to make a special concoction that they would use in the massage. You leave with a fresh, invigorated skin!

Test flew some boats and a cool chopper/sub hybrid. The boats didn't handle very well, but the chopper/sub was cool. I need alot more practice in flying a chopper though.

I saw Jaggpro at the Pink Ice Club in Norway. He's an Australian singer guitarist with a typical accent and a good repitiore of Acoustic Rock and Folk Tunes from the 70's and later. Isobela would probably like him, but it was awful cold there.

Sailing the boats earlier really made me miss the Tester, so I took her out for a spin. It is so amazing relaxing to cruise along at 4 knots, listen to the wind in the sails and feel the sun on your back. I eventually moored in a bay and went for a swim. A sailing regatta came by so rather than get in their way I put the boat away and flew off in my Ultra-light.

Back at home I decided to go back the Dragon Sky Bar and see if I could get my score above Chey's on the Skeeball machine. Joce came by to give me some pointers and to cheer me on. On my very first game I tied for second place, and after a few I tied for first! After that I stared going downhill, so I gave it a rest.

After dinner it was time to head over to Club Casa Blanco for Friendly Fire's weekly gig. I was really looking forward to it, I hadn't seen enough of them these past few days and they didn't disappoint! I literally went into orbit! Case kept moaning about wearing his cheerleader's outfit so at Moard's suggestion we both changed into cheerleader outfits too; there were 3 scary-hairy cheerleaders running around the place!

After the show we went to Isobela's to dance some more and talk about computers, one of my favorite subjects. It can be frustrating, but it's also very cool to be living in the World’s Largest Programming Environment!

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