Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gimme a 'G'

I saw Pato playing guitar and singing in the Cafe Diego. Or maybe it was the the Cafe Venetia outside of San Francisco? That's where the group notice said he was playing, but it sure looked like he was in the Cafe Diego to me! Whatever. He has a good voice and nice song selection; a pleasant way to spend a lazy Saturday morning.

We went clothes shopping for Iso, then she wanted me to get some more clothes - like my dresser isn't already stuffed and overflowing, but she thinks everyone always needs more clothes. We met up again later at the DJ Hangout and danced a bit.

Zaphod played before this afternoon's Friendly Fire show, and Pato had played before him! That guy does get around. They were all at the the Poetry In Pixels Music Fest in Coconut Grove, 15 straight hours of music from some of the metaverse's best bands.

There was horrid traffic, as show time approached and Mack and Case weren't there I told Isobela "I guess we're gonna have to get up on stage and sing!" Fortunately the Glamtastic duo made it just in time.

The show was a constant rush; Case and Mack crammed 20 lbs of Rock and Roll into a 10 lb bag plus there was a constant influx of new people to greet and invite to the group and of course to distribute the swag bags too. There were a few Friends that I hadn't seen in a while, too, including Hy's cousin any1.

After the show Isobela and I headed straight over to the Glamshack where she was hostess for DJ Tkid, who played my song for me. DJ Arcadian followed DJ Tkid and his hostess had called in sick so Isobela stayed to help him, too. I hung around to listen to him and dance with Iso.

Friendly Fire had played at MiaSnow's Valentine's Day Massacre party earlier, and Isobela and I worked their third show of the day at the Gateway Nite Club. This must have been the place that Ajay had been talking about when scheduling officers the other day. They were having a Silks contest too!

This was Mack and Case's first time at the Gateway. I had shown up early and chatted with some of the dancers, one of whom had attended a Friendly Fire show a while back and really talked them up to the others. No one was disappointed, the show was amazing and everyone there was a hooting and a hollering as always.

When the show was over Isobela and I hung around for a bit for some after-gig chat, then went to see Truelie sing and play guitar at the Lost Grotto. She is good, and her style is a bit different than most that I've seen around here. Kinda like ballads, she sang insightful songs about our metaverse even though she hasn't been here all that long.

Isobela's cousin Midnight was there, and most people followed the local customs, even though they are not required. DJ Funker followed Truelie so after her show we all headed over poolside to enjoy his tunes, including Truelie. He mentioned how he had seen me mention him in my blog last month and thanked me.

We stayed for about an hour. Funker's music was as good as ever, but I had been dancing for more than eight hours that day and I was plum tuckered out. Isobela and I said our goodbyes and each headed home, but as soon as I got in the door she was calling me to say that a volcano had erupted in her neighborhood and it was way cool. I popped over there real quick to see it, and yes it was way cool. This place is simply amazing.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Good God ---where else can live and go home to find your neighbor has had a Volcano erupt on his island, and not one person is upset! All they do is hand out hot dogs and marshmellows for the roasting!!!

Tycho Beresford said...

Well Iso, after living next to you for a while, they're probably thinking that a volcano eruption seems rather tame...