Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello Avatar

I saw the Space Shuttle and International Space Station fly overhead this evening. One bright, small speck chasing another across the sky. Our future is out there. As a species, it is too dangerous for us to be stuck in a single biosphere. So I waved.

I met Isobela at the Glamshack for the last part of Case's Rock and Roll Listening Party. There had been some more work on the seating there, Isobela has her own chair next to me with Tracy and Hy on the other side of her. Seems everyone wants to get in on the reserved-stool craze Case and I somehow started. Case was on-stage DJing, but the rest of us had them parked.

After the show Isobela and I went to the Hello Avatar art gallery. It is simply astounding. There's about 15 or so large hexagonal rooms all connected together. Each room has a different theme, though two of the rooms were left empty; presumably for Isobela's work. There was one picture of an eye that gave me the heebee jeebies, but otherwise the work was breathtaking.

There were crystal mermaids swimming around a man in a bubble, someone holding their own heart in their hands, ER doctors performing surgery on a computer, close-ups of people with awesome face-paintings; just too much neat stuff to mention. In the room with the calendar pin-ups Isobela noticed what a good job they did waxing the floor. She is such a hoot.

From there we went to the Twelfth of Never's art gallery. It was all one theme, but one we both like. These were for sale, and most were very reasonably priced, so whenever one of us mentioned that we liked a particular piece the other would buy it for them. And what art tour would be complete without viewing the prints on the walls at Solstice?

Tracy had been sending us reminders that she and Hy were at Nightclub Echo Echo, and after the four-hundred thirty-seventh notice we figured we'd best head over to the rocky crags. I like Hy's creative themes; this time is was, as Tracy put it, "Come enjoy the songs of what Hy calls dead presidents and money!"

The music was exceptional as always. coldcat brought her pussy to the show. It didn't cause too much trouble, and was quite the conversation piece. Isobela and I did the club dance like we did the previous night. We had been slow-dancing alot, and doing our own dances; it was cool to be close and bee-bopping in perfect rhythm just like we used to do.

I kept thinking about that picture of the eye. Good art galleries make you think; great ones give you the heebee jeebies. Hello Avatar is among the very best. It has a huge statue up on the roof, too. Its toes are as tall as I am. Isobela and I stood at it's feet and gazed up in awe. It's a wondrous world we're in.

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