Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pele has Awoken!

I took Isobela to a couple of stores that I had found today. The first had many things that I thought she might like for her house, from wall paper to wood etchings to frogs on lily pads! From there we went to Style Starts Here where I picked up four shirts, including one for St. Paddy's Day. I had been by earlier but wanted second opinions on a couple of things and Iso is very good at voicing her opinion!

There was a ladies department there so of course we had to browse that too. I was glad that I asked her to come because she was running around saying "OMG I have to have that" and "I like those!" and piling packages in my arms to carry for her. It seemed like she was having a very good time.

We went to Pele later, we had been talking about going around and seeing the sight together and with no Friendly Fire show tonight this seemed like a good chance to do it. The first thing to do was to take a ride on the train. I let Isobela ride in the engine up front to get the best view. At one point the track split and we took the right-hand fork, so when we were back in the station I drove and hit the switch so that we took the left-hand fork. Iso drove fine, but I had a little trouble keeping the train on the tracks.

I'm used to living in paradise, but Isobela was very impressed by the way Cheyenne had the place set up. It really is nice; beautiful trees and flower and waterways and such. Of course then I had to ruin that impression by showing Isobela the tunnel that I found running under my house. It has a metal gate in front of it with radioactive hazard warning signs on it, and when I pushed the gate open and we went in there was a sign warning of PCBs! There was even a older periodic table of the elements, with a couple of suspicious entries near the bottom. We didn't spend too long there.

We headed to the top of the volcano where Pele the Volcano Goddess lives just in time for a mini-eruption. There was not quite any lava-flow, but there was an impressive display of smoke and sparks and noxious gases. Before it got too bad we took the rope-slide down to the East Beach. I danced a little on the dance floor in front of the stage there, but it was getting late and there was one more place that I wanted to show Isobela.

We closed out the night in the Dragon Sky Bar high above Pele. It has like three dance floors, a nice bar and a gaming area; I need to try and beat Chey's high-score at Skeeball! I really like the conversation area around the fire pit under the white atrium with hanging, flowered ivy. There's even a sky-diving station!

While we were there my friend the perfectly-coutured Cheyenne called us on the speaker phone to see how we were and to thank us for leaving tips in the venue tip jar. Even though Chey and I haven't talked much I've read her blog so I feel like I know her pretty well. She's made a really nice place, and it was so cool to be able to share it with Isobela.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

--->It really is nice; beautiful trees and flower and waterways and such. <------
No, it was totally awesome!! Much love care and thought went into it!!