Friday, February 1, 2008

The Quarter

Mack and Case were playing cover songs in the Glamshack; half-plugged? The Ravishing Rosinante was there so I helped her out with greeting folks and such. The lovely and talented Isobela showed up and helped out, too.

After Friendly Fire finished DJ HY was going to play, but Isobela and I need a little bit of a break so went out shopping. We bought some dance lessons and considered a pool table. We tested it extensively, then decided that together we could build a better one.

We then headed down to the French Quarter where Friendly Fire was playing their third show of the night. It is Mardi Gras weekend and there was an extensive lineup of musicians in the Quarter, with Mack and Case as the closing act.

It was a very rough show, there were serious equipment and electrical problems on the stage that interrupted the show many times. Eventually things got worked out and we all had a fantastic time, Nawlins style! The second to last song was an exquisite Scottish ballad of Case's Uncle. Everyone rushed the stage and spent the rest of the show there! Case was especially outgoing this evening, warmly saying goodnight to all of the fans that had stayed.

Isobela and I had danced the whole time there while we worked. As often happens we closed down the place, but this time we closed down the frickin French Quarter! That is late. Especially after 7 hours rocking on Journey island earlier in the day. I went home and crashed hard with a smile on my face. Life is good.

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