Friday, February 1, 2008

Journey Island Opening Day!

My boss was nice enough to let me work from home today so I could take an extended lunch break and sneak over to the Journey Rock Band island for it's grand-opening. He's going to get me back, though; he's taking vacation all next week while the kids are out of school for Mardi Gras and will be gone the following week for a business trip. When he's gone it all rolls downhill onto me.

In any case I was able to get to Journey island for a meet-and-greet with the multi-platinum rockers. It opened at 10 and the place was immediately mobbed! Huggable Hare was able to get in, along with Isobela's cousins Gretchen and Daggar but Iso herself had to work the poor dear. Many people there were very new to this world. We all jammed to music for a while from DJ Farr, then DJ Jocelyn, then DJ Farr again. before too long we were all exhausted from dancing.

There were 62 people at one point, an amazing crowd. There was even a snow leopard that showed up. The DJs were playing 5 song sets to accommodate all the requests. The mood at the party was phenomenal; joyous! Old friends and new acquaintances alike were all laughing and screaming and having a great time. It's hard to describe, really; kinda like what I imagine things were like on VE or VJ Day. I'll have to ask Joce if it was like that. Oh, wait; she's only 22. Never mind.

RossValory showed up about 1:15; he had gotten stuck in traffic. He started off in a good mood because he got his first lapdance from a warthog! He thanked DJ Farr, Argus, Adrian, DJ Jocelyn and everyone else who helped make Journey Island possible. Farr took questions from the crowd and RossValory answered them between songs. Rosie got a special hello from RossValory and fainted dead away on the floor!

Rumor is that Journey is taking off on some tours; South America, Vegas, Europe including UK, then a US / Canada tour reportedly with Heart and Cheap Trick; then Asia and Australia in the fall.

Everyone at the club commented on what a fantastic place it is. Farr plans to have other bands an live acts play there but not too much is scheduled yet. They have been concentrating on opening the place up, first. A magnificent job was done all around and it showed in the way that opening day was such a smashing success.