Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Ravishing One

Can Rosinante write an awesome group notice or what? Friendly Fire was playing their bi-weekly gig at Club Saphir. I was running just a tad late, i.e. I wasn't a half-hour early, so Rosi called me to see if she should send out the group notice. I flashed back to the first time I had sent out a notice to the Friendly Fire Friends, and how cool it was to see my name up in lights at the top of the notice; I wasn't sure if she had ever sent one out yet or not but I asked her to go ahead and send it.

On a short break earlier in the day I had checked out the last group notice that I had sent for Club Saphir two weeks before. I figured if need be that I could just tweak that a bit and re-send it. I'm glad it didn't come to that. Rosi's note irreverently poked fun at some of Mack and Case's silly sayings, had heavy sexual overtones, was fun to read and most of all made you really want to go to the show. Just about the perfect group notice. I can't believe I didn't scribble it down so that I could share it with you here. I'll have to check with the Friendly Fire Friends Group Historian, I'm sure he saved a copy. Hell, it's probably framed and on his wall right now!

As usual it was a ninety-minute show at Club Saphir. No matter how long they play, Friendly Fire shows always seem too short. At Saphir the audience seems to get more chatty than at their other regular venues. curm was able to make most of the show and he always brightens people's days by sharing his wit and wisdom. Whenever Ajay and Rosi are in the same room the air tingles with electricity even if there isn't any mud nearby. Wiley Willa caught most of the show, too; lately she hasn't been showing up until the very end of the show and I've been worried about her.

There was an outbreak of German farts. It's too hard to explain; I'll have to just leave it at that. We had extensive discussions about sloobies, toobies and especially roobies. Ajay had to step out for a few minutes; when she got back she was extensively grilled about where she had been and with whom. She admitted to being with a male, but then claimed that he was her son. This just egged the crowd on.

My new Friendly Fire poofer worked well; much better than the Joce and Tracy ones from Sunday night. I'd still like to do a hair more tweaking on this one, and tear down the others to see why they are misbehaving; sounds like a good project for this weekend.

All too soon the Friendly Fire show ended. Rosi had to leave right away; it was very late for her. Mack and Case took off shortly after for dinner, so I headed home too. I was looking into gift-wrapping the item(s) I had bought while shopping earlier when Joce called. We chatted for quite a while and then Isobela called.

Iso was having a rough day, more issues with her house, and needed a break so I invited her over. We danced on the upper deck and chatted. She had told me she was having problems with her house before the Saphir show, and now she had figured out exactly what the problem is. In the cool evening ocean breeze we decided that the best thing to do would be to just wait and let the house work its own problems out. Life is good.


Hare said...

What an exciting life you lead my friend! I so enjoy reading your adventures!

Isobela Capalini said...

And yes my house is still hosed... ::sighs:: SL is hosed.

~ Rosi said...

Shucks Tycho *blush* That's big praise coming from the Sir T! :)

Awww Iso hope you get it sorted. SL is being majorly weird for me at the moment too.

Tycho Beresford said...

Rosi all of your praise is well-deserved!