Monday, February 4, 2008

What Legs!

Queen Dea Mama had sent out a notice about a new Tavern, Gallery and shopping area that she had authorized, so I went to see them. The Tavern was just about finished; looked very inviting with lots of places for dancing. It also had a waterfall right outside that made cool background sounds.

I met Duchess Xena near the shopping mall. We chatted for a while, catching up, then she took me for a tour of the new place. The Art gallery was small but nice, it also had a photo studio upstairs for do-it-yourselfers. There are many cool backgrounds and even a camera that you could borrow.

Duchess Xena was interested in possibly having Friendly Fire play in the Pub on Kidd Island. I gave her their MySpace URL, and tried to put in on their website forums under interesting links but the forum was broke. I'll need to catchup with Queen Dea and see what she thinks about it.

The Rock & Roll Listening party at the Glamshack featured Case in his uniform of the week - a Giant's cheerleader's uniform. He wore boxers underneath and boy did that look strange. I couldn't stay long, just took a few snaps and hung out on my stool for a while. At least I think it was my stool; my big red 'T' name tag seems to have come off!

Later I went to Isobela's and watched her work on her roof for a while. It's coming along nicely. After the fact I realized that I should have brought a beer with me enjoy while watching her work!

We went to see DJ Hy as Nightclub Echo Echo. The theme was Anti-Establishment Night in honor of something called Super Tuesday; I guess that's what people in other parts of the country call Fat Tuesday but Iso said that she didn't get off of work for it?

DJ Hy played his usual fantastic sets. At quitting time there was a small but vocal crowd left so he stayed late and played for us. Things got pretty psychedelic!

Afterwards Isobela and I went back to her place so that she could show me the lighting she had put up on her patio. It was pretty awesome; she's done a real good job. There are plenty of places for couples to dance there, and we tried them all; chatting and dancing the night away.

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Case said...

The Cheerleader Outfit Tour will run through the Sunday show at Echo Echo, after which I am going to spend some serious time with my therapist. I imagine a lot of you will be needing some therapy too.

Tycho, I believe vandals are grabbing the big red T, as I have noticed other things seeming to walk off. In retrospect, I probably should have considered a front door on the club. I am going to speak with Mack a high powered adhesive and see if we can reduce the souvenir collectors.