Sunday, February 24, 2008

UK Rock at the Shack

In the morning I went shopping with Isobela. She bought me a red suit with fluffy ruffles on it. I took her to see a Ringmaster suit I was considering; saw it was on sale for 50% off so I bough it, and the matching ladies one for her!

I found a weaponsmith that needed a little bit of help, in return for my time he gave me a katana, a polearm and a cool bow. I looked them over briefly and they are very involved; I'll need to spend some time getting used to and practicing with them.

The fantastic DJ Jocelyn was spinning UK Rock at the Glamshack in the evening. Her usual hostess Jenda was out with the flu so The Tracy filled in for her. Took a couple of clothing changes before I was really in theme - I ended up wearing the new red ruffle suit Isobela had bought me. Forgetful Tracy had a couple of costume changes, too.

Adrian was admiring the artwork on the wall while he danced and realized there were no pictures of him up! I looked around and noticed up in the front of the club there was a picture of him on the wall by the door next to Isobela. He was even wearing the same clothes in the picture that he was wearing in the club!

Isobela and I ended up shutting the Glamshack down as usual. We talked about plans for St. Patrick's day, and planned a shopping trip for me to get another kilt, this time in my tartan of County Westmeath. Shopping with Iso is such a blast!

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